Selection of colors for flower beds, flower beds and other landscaping garden

flowers for flowerbeds

The main rule of selection of colors for landscaping and decoration of villas, private plot, terraces and balconies is the use of biologically resistant to local climatic conditions flower crops.

Before landscaping, you need to make the layout of the buildings because the beds must conform to the size and architecture of the main building and the location of the tracks.

If the living room is large enough, you can use a large gardening. And if the room is small, and the flower bed needs to be appropriate.

When choosing colors for flower beds , consider the biological characteristics that will ensure continuity of flowering and decorative.

Continuity is achieved by planting plants with different flowering periods: in the first days of spring until autumn frosts.

You can create compositions of bulbs: Galanthus and Crocus. Followed by tulips, daffodils, Muscari, primroses, daisies, lilies of the valley.

After they bloom peonies, iris, leucanthemum. Next comes the turn of lilies, carnations, delphinium, bells, rudbeckia, Gilardi.

Since mid-July start flowering gladioli, dahlias, phloxes, asters. And in August the monkshood, Lily, montbretsiya, gelenium, monarda. Fall blooming chrysanthemums, perennial asters, Colchicum, crocuses.

When making a decorative background to properly match the flowers according to colour. Height and shape. The colour should be contrasting or gradually move from one color to another with the rainbow effect.

So orange and yellow Salvia, marigolds, tulips will be perfectly visible at a considerable distance.

Purple, green, blue (Lobelia, ageratum, Nigella) away will merge, but they look great up close.

White and black are neutral colors, combined with any color and can divide plants with nesochetaemoe color.

In dark locations or when there is cloudy weather flowers look good with the red color of all shades.

Well in the flower bed of plants with the main color and the flowers a completely different scale. For example, red, green, yellow with purple, black with yellow.

Red flowers better shade of green leaves not flowering plants from flowers of other colours.

flowers for flowerbeds

Can not be planted next to blue and purple flowers, red and orange.

But they do look good plants with dual-color combination: red-blue with yellow, red-yellow with blue flowers.

It is possible to plant plants of the same species, but different varieties with the presence of white tones.

The best background of any song is green. So the bright flower beds or ridges will look spectacular on the background of green grass.

In the decoration of gardens and lawns need to take into account the height of the plants.

So shrubs and dwarf ornamental trees should be planted in combination with low creeping flowers that cover the land around them (Sedum, arenaria, sagina).

In shaded areas use Veronica Saxifraga, bell, fern. Sometimes it can nicely complement the composition of a control plant rudbeckia, inula, gelenium, Larkspur, castor oil plant.

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