Selaginella care at home


Selaginella is a genus of low-growing spores of higher plants belonging to the family Selaginellaceae.

Just refers to a genus of over 700 species, but in the indoor environment contain only 25 of them.

These plants belong to the oldest group – moss.

They have erect or creeping stems, which are covered with innumerable small leaves.

Leaves can have all shades of green and the different shapes, to be glossy or matte.

Selaginellu in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Since Selaginella is the lowest rung of the rainforest, it is best to provide them with partial shade or shade.

If there is no way such content, then be sure to protect the plants from exposure to direct sunlight, as they will inhibit the development of flower.


The whole year the temperature regime need to be kept at 12-20 degrees. A higher temperature has a bad influence on the development of plants.

It is impossible to prevent the temperature drops below 12 degrees. It is also necessary to protect Selaginella from drafts.


Selaginella loves moisture, so it needs abundant watering. The soil should be kept moist.

It is best to place the potted tropical plant on a tray of water, then it can always absorb the right amount of moisture.

It will also provide the necessary high humidity. In addition, it is desirable to spray the leaves at least once a day.Selaginella grow best in teplichku, flower closed the Windows and florariumov, because they need high humidity.

Fertilizer Selaginella

With the arrival of spring and the beginning of autumn. in the home need to be fed 2 times per month.

To do this, take half dose of fertilizer intended for decorative foliage houseplants. During feeding, it is recommended to slightly loosen the soil.

Transplantation and propagation

Selaginella transplant is usually required every 2 years. Signal that it’s time to do it, will branches hanging over the edge of the pot. Capacity for this plant choose a broad and shallow. At the bottom of good drainage is essential.

Selaginella care at home

To propagate plants at home, you can dispute or dividing the Bush. The first method is so difficult to implement that they do not enjoy even the experts. Much easier to divide the Bush during the spring transplant.

Pests and fight with them

Selaginella is very resistant to damage by pests, but in rare cases it is possible to attack spider mites.

To combat them the necessary treatment of the plants with a soap solution and subsequent spraying with actellic.

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