Seedlings — growing from seed before planting


To grow in the open ground early cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetable crops, it is necessary to use seedling method of planting.

Also by the method of growing seedlings planting culture with a large vegetation period.

These include: leeks, celery, late cabbage.

Especially in areas with short summer growing seedlings is the only way for most vegetables.

The ability to obtain quality seedlings, depends on the future harvest in the garden.

Also it may turn out that because of the actions of the inexperienced gardener, when transplanting seedlings from the greenhouse will break a lot of suction roots.

In this case the seedling will be a long time ill, and will not give you a large and early crop.

Also of great importance to high quality seedling has the composition of the soil mixture.

The cultivation of seedlings

Usually the ground for planting seedlings is prepared from lowland peat with the addition of sawdust and mullein.

A versatile blend, suitable for growing seedlings of most vegetable crops, has the following proportions: peat 3 parts sawdust and 1 part mullein 0,5 (3:1:0,5).

Received zemlesmes should be well mixed with the addition of hydrated lime based 2G per 1kg of the mixture.

After that, depending on the type of culture added mineral fertilizer.

The importance for planting of seedlings have themselves the seeds of vegetables.

If you are a novice gardener, or have decided to try a new variety, very carefully approach the choice of seeds.

Do not buy them from shady characters.

If you follow all the guidelines when planting seedlings and further cultivation of vegetables, a nice result will not keep itself waiting long.

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