Secrets of the care and cultivation of peonies

peonies growing

In ancient times it was grown to 40 species of peonies, but use only 20 of them.

This is a very large and beautiful plant that likes a bright place in the flowerbeds and in the garden.

The bushes look beautiful in the center of the bed, in the garden near the veranda, or gazebos, where you can not only admire its beauty and breathe in the wonderful aroma.

Tincture of peony have medicinal value and are used even in official medicine.

To propagate peonies should vegetative method: by dividing the root, by cuttings, buds resume, and layering.

In August, the stems of the Bush are cut, obkapyvayut it in a circle with a diameter of 15-20 cm and removed. Then, the rhizomes harvested from the earth and washed.

The best are those delenki, which are at the edges of the rhizome and roots have a bright, 3-4 buds. Sick and old roots are removed.

Great value for abundant flowering has proper planting of the plant. Dig a hole the size of 50 by 70 inches and the first layer spread the manure, then compost and top with some land in the form of slides.

Then we put back delanoc and covered with earth. The roots of good compression. Make sure that the kidney was located 2.5 cm under the ground and no more!

The distance between plants should be at least one meter.

On the same place you can grow flowers from 10 to 40 years and not lose its properties. In winter, the bushes should be covered with earth or fallen leaves.

I usually cover with pine branches and protection from frost and rodents. But don’t forget the early spring to remove the cover from the bushes, otherwise they can rot.

Feed the need peonies in early spring with a mixture of compost, superphosphate and potassium chloride. All this must be added dropwise to 6 cm depth in the ground around the roots.

But personally, I recently discovered a more simple and quite effective method of fertilizing peonies, which are now constantly: stir 100 grams of ordinary baking yeast per 10 litres of warm water and pour this solution in the bushes.

Under a large Bush pour half of the bucket, a smaller – respectively, a quarter of a bucket of solution. During the summer such supplements can be done every month. Easy and safe!

Growing peonies not difficult. They require weeding and loosening soil. Need to be watered once a week during flowering, and during the summer ensure that the soil does not dry up.

From pests need to be sprayed with liquid Bordeaux or copper sulfate. And in the winter be sure to cut off the ground part of the plant to 15 inches, and burn waste or store of humus in the pit.

Peonies are good not only on land but at home in a vase. If you cut them as buds, then they can hold out for 14 days and it is fully disclosed.

If you need a bouquet to a specific day, put it in the refrigerator at a temperature from 0 to +2 it will withstand for a long time.

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