Sea buckthorn is the most undemanding plant in the garden

sea buckthorn planting

Sea buckthorn is really very easy to care for a plant and is resistant to frost, because it is native to Siberia.

In addition, she is not afraid of any pests or plant diseases because her immune system is simply amazing.

Sea-buckthorn every year gives stable yields. This is a very useful plant, almost all of which has therapeutic effects.

To breed sea-buckthorn easier root shoots or cuttings. It should be remembered that the roots of this plant close to the surface of the earth, so to dig or lay in tree trunks circles fresh manure is strictly prohibited.

And when you dig the clump, you should be doubly careful not to damage the main roots of the tree, or it immediately dies.

In order for sea buckthorn is not filled the whole garden, put underground obstacle – a kind of «fence».

For this capite completely into the ground when planting seedlings slates with a height of 30 cm around the perimeter of the pits or grooves.

To the place between sea buckthorn trees are not empty, stored there, during summer period, trimmed the branches and compost.

Then in the spring you can safely put on this place zucchini Italian varieties (cluster), without prior digging. They will be fine to grow there.

If you are going to propagate sea buckthorn cuttings, first put on loose surface, fertile soil, river sand or a mixture of peat and sand in the ratio of one-to-one at 4 cm

The optimum time for grafting is from 1 to 15 July. Shoots were cut from the leaves early in the morning and divided into cuttings.

Then you need to remove two of the lower leaves and bury in the sand, or a mixture of three centimetres. Then mulch the ground and watered.

In winter, a «kennel» should cover a film or spanbond for greenhouses. On hot, Sunny days, the cuttings should be sprayed with water and lightly pritisnite.

After about 3 weeks, the cuttings are able to root and then you need to reduce watering, increase ventilation.

The following year, in the spring, these cuttings can be planted in a permanent place. The root shoots are better planted at the age of two. They should dig in the spring and plant in a permanent place.

Usually chosen for planting sheltered Sunny site. The distance between plants should be about two to three meters.

Planting holes have a size of 50*60 cm. Fill them suggest unpaved ground mixed with humus. Very useful to add river sand or peat moss for better ventilation of the soil.

You can also make one hundred grams, a hundred and fifty superphosphate. The neck of the root should be sunk into the ground 12 cm.

In hot and dry summers trees need plenty of water (3 to 5 large buckets of water in single tree trunks), and in the rainy summer, you can do a natural moisture because sea buckthorn does not like waterlogged soil.

When the tree will grow enough, suggest to crop the top. The trunk will not disappear, but it will not grow in height and in width, and you will not need to think over the problem of how to harvest the upper branches.

To remove unnecessary root processes should be very carefully: first get the process up to the root and cut it at the base.

You can feed in October, sea-buckthorn with a mixture of compost and humus, but not more than ten centimeters in tree trunks circles and immediately covered with earth.

When planting should also be noted that by 5-6 female trees must be at least one male tree for pollination and fruiting.

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