Schefflera (schefflera) — care at home


Novice growers tend to prefer undemanding plants, there is no need to create special conditions.

But pay attention to the decorative properties flowers.

It is to such requirements fit what you schefflera. she’s beautiful thanks to the original letter and at the same time does not require special care. What makes it a frequent tenant of modern offices.

Schefflera — care tips

 Location and lighting

Especially comfortable feel schefflera at home, running the air conditioning: there is no need in airing the room. In the other situation, you should place the plant in such a way as to protect schefflera from drafts.

As for the lighting, we need to pay attention to the subspecies of the plant. Individuals with variegated leaves need more light. Schefflera with dark green leaves can be installed inside the room.


Schefflera does not like heat, so in summer it can not stand to fresh air. And the room optimum temperature for plants at any time of the year should be in the range of +18-22°C.

But this does not mean that Scheffler at home, you need to create a special microclimate. It will arrange the same accommodation, which the person chooses for their own comfort.

Watering and humidity

And though water the plant every day (just as the drying earthen coma), schefflera does not feel comfortable with a lack of humidity (especially in the hot season).

Therefore, it is desirable flower pot to keep the pan with a wet expanded clay and spray the plant with room temperature water 2 times a day. It is especially necessary to humidify the air in winter when heating dries it.


Schefflera at home constantly require additional power. So all during the active growing season (mid-spring to late autumn) this beauty needs to feed.

Nutrition should be comprehensive. But from time to time, combined fertilizers, alternate with the usual organics. Frequency of feeding schefflera every 10 days.

Transplantation and propagation

Schefflera repot every 3 years in spring or autumn. When the plant is comfortable in the created conditions, it is growing rapidly.

schefflera care at home

Therefore, if the flower becomes crowded, you should not wait until the end of the three-year period. But to propagate agave grows well when the cuttings are partially tree.

There is another method of reproduction at home – seeds. But this process is more lengthy. Although in both cases the seedlings take root well.

Pests and fight with them

On Scheffler attack the usual houseplants parasites are aphids, spider mites, thrips. With a small number of pests flower is enough to handle with a solution of soap.

If that fails, resort to spraying insecticides. At the time of illness schefflera should be isolated from other houseplants. Preferably in another room with high humidity.

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