Sawdust as fertilizer use in the garden

Sawdust as fertilizer

Most gardeners as fertilizer use manure, but if the farm has no animals, this method is quite expensive.

But sawdust as fertilizer can be considered not expensive and very useful material.

And it’s no wonder, because when used correctly, the soil well-enriched with nutrients, and this in turn is a guarantee for a great harvest.

When using sawdust, the soil becomes more friable, which promotes better passage of air and moisture absorption. As a result, the plant is much better developed.

Make filings under perekopku fresh, rotted because it can increase the content of acidity that is not suitable for all plants.

When making a decomposed material of previously deoxidized soil. It is recommended to use the limestone flour.

Advantage of sawdust can be called what they are in almost every yard, because we are after firewood for the winter. If the wood does not need to prepare, sawdust can be purchased, their cost is not high.

Sawdust as a fertilizer positively affect the composition of the soil. Ryhlyaschimi organic matter contribute to a better absorption of water. Also, the soil crust is formed and therefore does not require loosening.

Although it should be noted that these properties have only rotted half sawdust. It can be seen in brown. Length of perepravnaya depends on the color.

Sawdust as a fertilizer can be added to the compost or mixed with manure. But this fertilizer can be used directly.

It made only a year later, after the mixture will decompose. Instead of manure, you can add chicken manure and urea.

For a long period of decay will contribute to the formation of nutrients. To speed up the first time add the manure slurry or food waste.

You can also add a small amount of soil in a ratio of 1 cube of sawdust 3 buckets of soil. In this mix will be perfect to breed earthworms and then the wood is even better to rot.

Sawdust is good to fertilize strawberries. Also, this material can be successfully used for mulching the soil. In winter, the root system of plants does not freeze, and in summer the fruit will rot.

It is recommended to use for fertilizer fresh pine sawdust, pre-watered with the urea. You cannot use the oak material.

It is important to know that the chips are able to fertilize the soil only if their number does not exceed the permissible norm. Otherwise, the soil will have a large amount of acidity.

Sawdust as fertilizer

Sawdust as fertilizer can be made in the open ground, and in private. In particular for greenhouses and polytunnels is an indispensable material.

In an indoor soil sawdust is allowed to make the fall and winter. Best autumn lay ready humus mixed with manure and the addition of lime, and sprinkle a layer of sawdust.

When spring making sawdust and manure must be fresh. On top of the mixture covered with a layer of straw or dry leaves. All this is covered with earth, pre-mixed with the ash.

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