Sauna at the cottage

sauna at the cottage

For many gardeners it’s hard to imagine a vacation in the country without a bath.

Only bathhouse in the suburban area can deliver special software, which will not replace either the outdoor shower or a comfortable bathroom.

Depending on the material possibilities, the size of the area, as well as the number of visitors, bath in the country can be of different size from small to large.

It may consist of steam room, bathroom, dressing room and terrace for relaxation under the open sky.

The materials also there are no restrictions, sauna can be built of logs and brick.

In the first place before construction need to determine the location of the baths in the country. You are very lucky, if your site is some pond or river.

The question of construction is resolved automatically, just be careful it is not waterlogged in the spring, and it is desirable that waste water falling into the pond.

Some make the bath as an extension to the cottage. Of course, reduced costs of materials for construction and laying of pipelines.

Although this is not quite correct from the point of view of fire safety. It is better to place it away from residential buildings.

If the room at the cottage will be used all year round, then of course the dressing room should be mandatory, to reduce heat loss in winter and for use under a strike.

And the bathhouse in the country, remember, all doors should open outwards only, it is done from for security reasons.

The design of the baths is taken into account the number of people that will be in it

sauna at the cottage

at the same time, depends on its total area.

The area of the steam room for 2 people is usually not less than 6kV.m. On this basis, it is the basic calculation of the steam, washing and dressing room (1:1,5:2).

Shows the minimum dimensions for a comfortable stay in the bath, of course, they can be more depending on the needs of your family.

Construction bath in the country – the process is not simple, and for those who are faced with this challenge for the first time, can be accompanied by many technical errors.

So, before you do this is not easy, you need to think and calculate.

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