Sarracenia — home care


Predators are found not only in the animal world, and they have among the plants.

Bright colors American Sarracenia – proof.

And nature has given the plant a predatory disposition is not protection from enemies.

Sarracenia in the home itself are the targets of insects.

Involved in nectarous aroma of an insect entering the flower, get stuck in the digestive juice produced by the plant – thus this predator «feeds». But this does not prevent sarracenia live on our windowsills.

Sarracenia — home care

 location and lighting areDeciding to make the sarracenia, it is also necessary to choose a permanent place of residence».

Part of the movements of this plant are quite capricious – it is not advisable even to return. But as for the lighting, sarracenia are not afraid of direct sunlight – plant in them awash.

So the most comfortable place for people from America will not be a shaded window facing South light.


Sarracenia at home are able to endure not only hot weather, the plant will feel comfortable at any warm temperature. Which already facilitates the care of the potted flower.

But this does not mean that Sarracenia in winter can not be given «heat». In the room where it will be «winter» plant, the temperature should not be below +10°C.

Sarracenia watering and humidity

Sarratsenii well suited the air of our latitudes. Therefore, special attention to the humidity in the room can not be given. The main thing – that was not too dry. But the soil needs to be regularly moistened with distilled or rain water.

But it is better to carry out watering using the drip tray. In summer the water in the pan must stand constantly at 10 mm. in the Winter you pour a little water should be as drying pan.


As sarracenia independently «produced their own food, particularly feeding the plant does not need. Insects are a good biological additive.

Except in winter, when sharply reduced the number of «microcosm», it is possible to feed the sarracenia at home universal fertilizer by adding it in irrigation water.

Transplant sarracenia and reproduction

Transplant sarracenia should every other spring. Before you add in the new pot soil, it is first necessary to lay drainage.

As it is a carnivorous plant in the natural environment is growing in the marshes, the excavation of the need to use peat, humus, moss, and sand and charcoal.

When to transplant sarracenia can be propagated by cutting the rhizomes of the several parts without affecting the outlets.

Plant seedlings and seeds, which are sown in peat and cover with glass. When the seedling grows up, her seated on individual pots.

Sarracenia pests and fight with them

Despite the fact that sarracenia is a predator, it also attack flower pests. «Brave» of them – spider mites and aphids. To deal with these pests can be universally insecticidal means.

sarracenia care at home

And it is possible to use and folk remedies. So, in the suppression of spider mite will help ordinary dichlorvos.

At the bottom of the plastic bag need to put cotton wool soaked in this solution, the top to put a plant pot and tie. After a few hours of sarracenia in the sky.

Aphids can fight in the same way, but instead of dihlofoks to use plain 10% vinegar.

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