Saranskie goats — description of the breed

Saranskie goats

This breed of goats you’ll be good-natured, inquisitive, playful and gentle nature, although, as is characteristic of any animal, they from time to time can be stubborn and capricious.

But in principle saranskie goats in the breeding and maintenance is not caused much trouble.

Saranskoy breed brought in Switzerland, and the name is taken from Saranskoy valley.

In this valley is the center where are engaged in breeding animals.

Today, these goats are the most high-performance dairy breeds in the world, besides, have considerable life expectancy and good health.

Thanks to tasty milk, saranskie goat won the title of leader in the world. The meat has a pleasant sweet taste, promotes easy digestion and has no odor.

On average, males gain weight from 65 to 70 kg, and goat from 50 to 55 kg. But there are also «heavyweights»: the goat can reach 100 kg, and 90 kg. goat

Goat Panenska gives very tasty milk and also in large volume. The average goat milk yield is expected daily approximately 3.5 l, but after the breeding season, the volume increases to 4.0 – 6 l

This yield can hold approximately 6 months with good care. In an average year can be obtained from 600 to 700 litres, and with great care, even 1000 – 1200 l (the highest amount is 2235 l).

Milk contains a fat content of 3.5 – 4%. The birth rate of twins is 80%, especially if lambing goats the second or third. At birth, kids weigh up to 4, 5 kg. From Saanen the hair is short, so they are not cut.

Everyone knows that goats often have an unpleasant smell, but Saanen is not the case, and if castrated goats, then all will lose it. Milk will definitely have a bad smell when improper care and maintenance.

Care this breed is almost no different from the others. All that is necessary for goats, it is a full and varied food, good rest, love and care of the owners.

For reproduction, a goat is better to take from someone else’s herd. If possible, you can buy it on another farm, but often the goat carry on mating.

The breed characteristics are not lost even when crossed with ordinary rocks.

Despite the fact that saranskie goats to adapt to any climate, the goat’s Rue

saranskie goats

still needs to be warm and protected from the wind.

In the winter, especially during lambing goats, the floor to cover the straw bedding. In summer, animals need to be grazing.

Some owners keep their animals in a public stall, but I must say that this has a negative impact on milk production.

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