Sansevera — care at home


Undemanding houseplant is a dream for any grower.

Especially if it still blooms and grows not in our latitudes – it is an occasion to get it on the windowsill.

It refers to such sansevera – a native of the southern regions of Africa.

This herbaceous perennial with long leaves can often be found in offices, where it is called «pike’s tail».

And the plant is popular not only for its ruggedness.

Sansevera (Sansevieriya) attracts ornamental leaf color and pleasant aroma are collected in a panicle inflorescence.

Sansevera — care at home

 Location and lighting

Sansevera, as a native of hot countries, loves plenty of sunlight. But at the same time, setting the flower on the South window sills, you must make sure that the sun burnt the leaves of the plant.

To create optimal conditions for growth at home it is better to use blinds on the Windows that will scatter the beam.

Also in the summer sanseviero better move to Windows facing the North side.

It is a photophilous plant is not afraid of shade, and partial shade will feel comfortable enough.


Sansevera – their native tropics. But this does not mean that the plants need heat. Optimal growing conditions in the summer — +22°C.

But winter temperature regime should be maintained in the range of 16-18° Celsius. Although sansevera – quite cold-hardy plant, low temperature can ruin it.

Sansevieri watering and humidity

Sansevera in the home endures a lack of moisture. So keep an eye on humidity is not necessary. Periodically wipe the leaves with a soft cloth and warm water.

With watering try not to overdo it (especially in winter). Excess soil moisture will lead to rotting of the root system.

You also need to make sure that when watering the water doesn’t get into an outlet plants. So the best option is to supply water to the plant by the pallet.

Fertilizer sansevieri

Despite the fact that Sansevera – plant unpretentious, it needs fertilizing. To make fertilizer should be throughout the active growth period every 15 days.

With this, you can use a universal fertilizer, or fertilizer for cacti. You can also use normal liquid manure.

Transplantation and propagation sansevieri

Young sanseviero should be transplanted annually, more Mature plant as the growth of a flower.

For this new pot, first a drainage system of broken bricks, then added soil and planted the plant.

The composition of the soil sansevieri at home should be heavy enough: 2 pieces of turf mixture and 1 part of sand and leaf humus.

Multiplies just. In devegetation period (in early spring) rhizomes sansevieria are split up into 2-3 parts so that each of them had at least 2 leaves. But when you split the flowers it is impossible to break a sheet outlet.

Another variant reproduction – using leaf seedlings. Or whole leaves put in a vase with water and wait for the formation of roots.

Mature or large sheet is cut into 8 cm sections disinfect with powder of charcoal, and these cuttings are planted obliquely in the wet sand before the formation of roots on them.

Sansevieri pests and fight with them

Sansevieri at home often suffer from pests. About their appearance, the flower immediately «signal» spots on the leaves.

Pustules pale brown shades – evidence of the defeat of brown

Sansevera - care at home


Stains of white color indicate that sansevieria attacked mealybug.

To deal with pests is possible, spraying the plant with insecticides universal action.

The parasites themselves to remove sansevieri possible with a cloth treated with alcohol.

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