Salted cucumbers — recipes

Salted cucumbers - recipes

Summer is the time of absorption of fresh vegetables. But by mid-season the soul «requires» salty. But still, a period of preparations for the winter.

Taking away a little of the cucumbers, you can pickle a quick (in other words, make the pickled cucumbers to the table).

Than a good salted cucumbers, it’s the fact that they’re ready to eat the next day for «wet» salting and after 5 hours when dry. Options recipes quick cooking variety.

And if cucumbers are in brine, usually prepared in glass jars or pots, for dry salting you can use any improvised means: usually use plastic bags with a lock.

Pickled cucumbers in brine

The traditional way malacolite better cucumbers in glass jars. The technology is similar to conventional conservation.

The only difference is the degree of readiness (the longer stored in brine cucumbers, so they become saltier).

All the dressing prepared for salting, distribute into 2 parts: on the bottom of the jar and put on top of cucumbers.

On litre capacity take 1 tbsp. l. salt, 0.5 tsp sugar, 3 cloves of garlic, spices and herbs – to taste. Water will enter a half-liter.

The brine is prepared, again, traditionally (like who used). But you should make a small remark: when a hot fill process will go faster.

Banks covered with lids and keep the day in a dark place (e.g. pantry). When the brine is turbid, freshly-salted cucumbers is extracted and stored in the refrigerator.

Salted cucumbers quick cooking

For the not-so-patient fans to poslovitsa invented blitz recipes pickling cucumbers. The trick here is that malacolite vegetable without brine.

The cucumbers put in jars and add those components in the brine preparation. But you can be original, banks have put in mint leaves, a piece of ginger root, a sprig of Basil.

And this method can be called wandering – salted cucumbers in a plastic bag. The ingredients are the same. But packs better to take 2, investing in one another (for reliability).

No matter what the container may done dry salting, the basic principle here – the container tightly closed. And periodically it is necessary to shake the can, package, container.

Salted cucumbers are ready in 5 hours at room temperature. Then salted vegetable is removed from the container and put in the refrigerator (and the part naturally in the mouth).

Pickled cucumbers – the quick recipe

But the following method is already from a number of «cool» salted: from start of preparation to serving, it takes less than an hour. The secret lies in the

Salted cucumbers - recipes


If the above methods the cucumbers were cut only the ends, in this embodiment, the vegetables are cut into pieces or into wedges or slices.

Everything else – technology «dry» salting.

A few minutes postracial containers with salted cucumber you can treat your household. Extra pickles and leave in refrigerator.

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