Salpiglossis — care at home


Particularly popular among gardeners has a pretty garden flower , Salpiglossis.

One of the main advantages of the plant is undemanding in care.

Like many similar plants, garden flower propagated by means of seeds.

Some species are cultivated as a houseplant. If you adhere to the recommendations for growing flower from seed, without much effort can turn your flowerbed.

Salpiglossis — care at home

 Location and lighting

The flower does not take root in dry and wet areas. To grow, salpiglossis in the home are recommended in areas where the bright rays of the sun and not detrimental to the flower drafts and gusts of wind.

Can also grow in the shading areas, however in this case, flowering is unlikely. To prevent breaking the branches, it is desirable to neatly tie up.


The main condition for the cultivation salpiglossis at home – the strict observance of a temperature mode, because the plant feels comfortable only when the air is heated to a minimum of 18°C.

Salpiglossis watering and humidity

Watering of the flower depends on the weather conditions. In the spring and autumn period can be restricted to watering in the summer watering is done every day, in the days of drought it is recommended to combine with regular sprinkles.


Salpiglossis at home every 14-21 days required fertilization. This timetable is very important at flowering, which is in the middle of June.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant, salpiglossis is highly undesirable, it may just destroy him. Propagated by using seeds.

Sowing seeds in the soil starts in spring and ends in summer. Sprouts need to be thinned so that the distance between them was about 20-30 cm

For salpiglossis seedlings seeds are sown in March, covered with glass and provide shade with the help of thick paper.

Few weeks the first germination, all this time indoors has to be a certain temperature (from 15 to 20°C). Seedlings bikeroutes in line only once, the recommended distance between

salpiglossis - care at home

rows – 5 cm.

Transplant into pots or the open ground is made in June, when fully passed the threat of frost. Seedlings are planted at a distance of 25-30 cm.

Salpiglossis pests and fight with them

To hit the plant are aphids, therefore, if you notice pests, the plant should be immediately treated with special insecticide composition.

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