Salads with daikon — recipes

Salads with daikon

Any holiday is associated with the search for original recipes that want to impress their guests.

Imagination in the preparation of various types of lettuce currently, there is no limit.

The ability to safely buy the components and use them when creating these masterpieces, borrowed from the national cuisine of any people, allowed to implement their own thoughts and desires.

And the vegetable daikon radish, little-known before took its place not only in everyday life but also on the holiday table.

Salad is a versatile dish that is served in any company and on any occasion. This can be a pure vegetarian dish without using meat products.

You can prepare it only with vegetables or create a beautiful and delicious fruit still life. Very often a salad using meat, chicken or fish products completely replace the second dish, being not only delicious but also very healthy food for the whole family.

How can you not try to do at home to NAMAs with shrimp marinated using the recommendations of the recipe known in Japan.

Salads with diakonom — recipes

Cook a thick fish broth with added seaweed. Carrot and daikon radish cut into strips like Korean salad and pour the marinade broth-based, vinegar, salt and sugar.

After two days storage in the refrigerator makes a delicious salad that is served with meat and fish dishes.

Just one Apple, daikon 100 g, 200 g shrimp, pre-cooked in salted water, six Mandarin oranges, half lemon, salt, vinegar, parsley and mayonnaise.

Moreover, the juice from two mandarins must be added to the mayonnaise to obtain the original sauce. Finely shredded daikon radish, put in a bowl, the bottom of which you can lay lettuce leaves. On it place the slices of Mandarin, apples, pour sauce and mix.

Vegetable dish of daikon with ham is quite simple to prepare, taking 3 onions, 1 radish, 1 cucumber, 2 bell peppers, preferably assorted colors, 300 g of cut.

Pepper and ham cut into thin strips, onion rings, radish strips. Lightly grind and dressed with oil, vinegar salt and sugar to taste. After 2 hours, the salad is ready to eat.

Beautiful toasts with a bright salad and a slice of smoked meat will decorate any table and will be convenient for guests. The composition of the salad includes chopped daikon, zucchini, peppers, garlic and lots of greenery.

To fill just butter with salt and sugar, sprinkle with lemon juice. Stir, let it sit a little and squeeze well before spreading on toast. Put the meat and a leaf of parsley.

Japanese root vegetable, resembling a familiar radish has a pungent taste, like her. Its low energy value, high content of vitamins and minerals and active enzymes, which help the body to digest foods that contain starch.

It is successfully used in cleansing the liver and kidneys. From plants the ability to remove kidney stones have

Salads with daikon - recipes

only horseradish, daikon radish.

There is no doubt that salads made from it will be the most delicious on the holiday table.

The more that add the daikon in any vegetable salad. Remains only to wish guests a pleasant meal.

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