Salads celery — recipes

Salads of celery

Celery entirely edible vegetable.

The breeders brought a lot of root, leaf and stemmed varieties.

And they all have their fans. On the beneficial properties for our body it is often compared to ginseng.

Not every vegetable can boast such a number of vitamins: C, K, E, vitamins of group B.

He as a medicinal plant and was very respected in ancient Greece, celery was very appreciated of the great Hippocrates, and finally, in our day it has come to occupy a place of honor on our table.

Celery is a great friend of our heart and entire circulatory system: lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, the biologically active substance and tone of heart muscle.

Succulent stems great help for diabetics, normalize blood sugar levels. It contains vitamin K promotes good blood clotting, and strengthen our bones.

Helps our memory to deal with senile dementia (Alzheimer’s disease).

Normalizes the amount of «stress» hormones in the blood (a juice glass works better than a sedative).

Strengthens the immune system, nullifies the action of carcinogens that actively fights against tumor formation and destruction of viruses.

Finally, when dieting, it has no equal. If your diet is present the celery, then its processing takes more energy than is purchased.

Contains only 16 kcal per 100 grams, and is the founder of the celery diet.

Salads of celery

On the basis of the foregoing, you can give some recipes using celery, which are perfect not only for those who want to reduce weight, but also willing to heal your body.

This is especially true in winter and spring, when we need natural vitamins. With juicer you can get a great recovery drink green.

Celery juice goes well with carrot juice, Apple and orange. Don’t forget, if you drink the juice from the celery that I have to take it half an hour before

salads of celery

food and not more than 100 ml per day.

Beet RUB on a grater carrots, turnips and celery. Season the vegetable oil, season with salt. For flavor add a little lemon juice.

On a grater for Korean carrot grated celery, add the egg(preferably only egg), juicy onion, fish (tuna), and fresh cucumber. Filling any.

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