Salad of celery root — recipes

salad of celery root

The beneficial properties of celery, you can tell a lot, but not all this information is perceived as useful.

This root has its special smell and taste, so maybe someone don’t like it.

But in order to add it to your diet, you can cook very healthy meals, which will favorably influence the body, give energy and vitality for the whole day.

One of the most simple dishes would be salads. Recipes there are many.

Should know some details first, the smell and taste of celery is very strong, stronger than it to grind, the brighter it is expressed, secondly, the peeled root will not darken if it is kept in acidulated water.

Salad of celery root

Recipes salad of celery rootthat are not only tasty but also healthy and filling:200 grams of celery and 1 green Apple grate, add low-fat yogurt or kefir and, to taste, honey.

Chop 400 g of celery, add a few cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, several types of peppers, add the vegetable oil.

150 g of celery root and apples, chop fine julienne, 100 g of grapes, remove seeds, cut in half, add 30 g of walnuts, a little lemon juice and yogurt.

1 raw carrot, 100 g celery root grate, add the garlic, dill or parsley, low-fat yogurt or sour cream.

200 g of cabbage (preferably white or Peking) and 200 g of celery minced, 1 raw carrot and 1 Apple grated (on a grater for Korean salads, it will be interesting sliced), mix everything and add the vegetable oil or sour cream.

1 stalk leek, chop slices, 80 g celery root to grate on a fine grater, 1 Apple cut into small pieces, 20 g of black olives cut into several parts. Add salt, spices, a teaspoon of lemon juice, low-fat sour cream.

Boil 200 grams of chicken fillet in lightly salted water, 100 g of cooked mushrooms, 150 grams of celery, 1 large pickled cucumber, all cut the same way and size.

Add 10 g of lightly toasted flax seeds and salt to taste. Fill the sauce (a mixture of sour cream or mayonnaise with mustard).

Salads not only the vegetable oil, yogurt, kefir and sour cream, and olive oil, mayonnaise and other sauces that fit you

salad of celery root

is a good choice.

Celery root can be used in soups, meat and stews, and pickles.

The main thing is to find a variant that food brings you pleasure.

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