Saintpaulia — home care


Saintpauliaor African violet is a very popular houseplant.

Long been grown all lovers of room floriculture.

Leaves the violets small, up to 6 cm, are oval and covered with fine fuzz.

At first glance, it seems that the leaves of this plant velvet.

Flowers of violet – like inflorescences of small flowers, have a variety of colors. Thanks to its popularity among breeders, Saintpaulia has thousands of varieties with a variety of flowers and leaves.

It and double, and fantasy, and star flower. Flowers from flowers in African violets a lot.

Saintpaulia — home care

 Location and lighting

Saintpaulia love light but cannot tolerate direct sunlight. The best place for them will be East or West window.

In the summer, when the sun is particularly active, you need pritenyat plants. Violets do not tolerate drafts, so do not put them near open vents or Windows.

In the winter, for prolonged flowering of Saintpaulia at home, spend additional lighting using fluorescent lamps. Daylight extended to 14 hours a day.


For Saintpaulia is the optimal temperature to 22 degrees. Therefore this plant is very well in apartments.

In summer you can make violet on the glazed balcony or loggia. In the open flower is not recommended to leave. The detrimental effect of wind could hurt him.

In winter it is desirable to reduce the temperature of the air in the room to 18 degrees. If this is not possible, you need to remove violet from heaters to put in the coolest place apartments and to provide artificial lighting.

Watering senpolii humidity

Violet like irrigation, but can not allow stagnation of water in the sump. To prevent breeding of various bacteria, it is necessary to water the plant by the pallet.

The water temperature should be 22-25 degrees. Before watering, the water must defend within 2 days.

Saintpaulia likes high humidity, but spray the plant impossible. On pubescent leaves can occur foci of fungal diseases.


African violet needs regular fertilizing with mineral fertilizers during flowering, that is during the spring and summer season.

Feeding should be 1 once a month a special complex fertilizers for flowering plants. They are in a large assortment of flower shops.

Autumn and winter feeding need to carry out 1 time in two months. At a time when there is a bookmark of buds, Saintpaulia need fertilizer with high phosphorus content.

Transplantation and propagation

Saintpaulia – very undemanding plant and grows in almost any soil. Transplant does not need to do every year, but only in the case when the flower gets too crowded in the pot. It is best to do this procedure in early spring.

Propagated violet at home from cuttings of the rosettes of leaves. This requires carefully cut off the leaf, leaving the stalk in a couple inches. The cut should be done in 45 degrees. Further, the cuttings be placed in water or planted directly in the soil mix.

Consider carefully that the earth was wet. The new plant will have the old sheet. After the extension of the young violet, yellowed sheet should be carefully removed.

Saintpaulia pests and fight with them

The Saintpaulia are very fond of many of the pest plants. It is mites, aphids, mealybugs, thrips and sciarid.

To destroy all these pests used drugs such as Agravity, Fitoverm, INTA-VIR and spark. In preparing the solution should strictly observe the instructions.

Another scourge are root-knot and foliar nematodes. Signs of damage: leaves turn yellow, the plant wilts and stops growing.

Saintpaulia - home care

When root-knot nematode, on the ends of the roots are visible white beads Gauls. If foliar nematodes – the leaves appear bright spot, the size of a pea.

Then they turn brown and begin to rot. Unfortunately, these pests are not destroyed. Infected plants should be immediately destroyed.

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