Saguaro — care at home


Among lovers of flowers is a special caste – they are obsessed with cacti.

And windowsills crowded with flower pots with fancy the form of green «hedgehogs».

Among the many species of cacti can be found in the Saguaro.

This undemanding plant, in spite of the spines, is able to attract the attention of gardeners because of its beauty, and if you are lucky, and give amazing colors.

Saguaro — care tips

 Location and lighting

The saguaro in the natural environment are accustomed to the scorching sun. Therefore, to settle the plant is best on Windows with South direction (especially in winter).

On very hot days, the cactus is a little pritenyat to protect fresh shoots from burns.


But a large amount of sun does not mean that the cacti need to provide high temperature. On the contrary, the Saguaro comfortable feeling in the temperate latitudes.

Especially this should be considered in dormant period, maintain in the winter indoors, where they live cactuses, heat in the range of +8÷10°C.

Watering and humidity

Saguaro prefers dry air. Still, it is desirable cactus from time to time to spray the filtered water (in warm season). Watering the plant should be moderately high temperature.

In the winter, if the Saguaro is a cool place, watering should not be ruled out.


Starting from spring to late autumn Saguaro are actively growing. Therefore, they may lack those nutrients that are in soil.

During this period, the plant should be fed mineral fertilizers, specially selected for cacti. In winter, on the contrary, it is desirable to slow the growth of the Saguaro. To make organics at this time of year is not worth it.

Transplantation and propagation

Young Saguaro transplant each year, with the old — 1 time in 3 years. When transplanting should completely change the soil in a flower pot (sand, peat, sod substrate).

Since cacti «in captivity,» bloom rarely, propagation of cacti by seed few uses. Saguaro «fruits» cuttings – children who grow up on the main plant.

Pests and fight with them

Unfortunately, the presence of spines protect the cacti only from large predators. But insects Saguaro available. So plant a nuisance almost all the flower pests (thrips, mealybugs, scale insects, mites).

Mechanical pest control effect will not – will not interfere with all those spines. Therefore it is necessary regularly to treat Saguaro universal insecticidal solutions.

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