Sagovnikovyh palm care home

The cycads

Sagovnikovyh palm or Cycas genus of ancient gymnospermous plants which includes more than 90 species.

This genus is the only representative of the family Sagovnikovyh.

The these plants are native to Southeast Asia and Australia.

Sagovnikovyh palm tree grows very slow and with proper care a long time can live in the home.

Sagovnikovyh palm care home

 Location and lighting

Sagovnikovyh the palm should be placed in the lightest point of the house, because in winter and in summer, it needs bright light. Ideal for placing pots with flower window looking South or South-West.


Sagovnikovyh Palma in the indoor environment need a moderate temperature, but can easily transfer its fluctuations.


In the winter it is best to provide the plants the temperature from 12 to 16 degrees, and the minimum 8 degrees. In the warm season it is advisable to move the plant outdoors while protecting from drafts.

Watering trees sagovnikovyh

The plant needs abundant watering in spring and summer, with the arrival of autumn gradually to moderate.

We can not allow stagnation of water in the barrel and not getting on the bump sagovnikovyh palms, as this can cause rotting of the plant.

Dry air for this plant is not terrible, so there is no need to carry out spraying.


Fertilize Cycads begin in April and finish in August. Suitable only organic fertilizers, which make every 2 weeks.

Transplantation and propagation sagovnikovyh palms

Annual transplantation is needed sagovnikovyh Palma before reaching the age of five, then transplanted no more than once every 4-5 years.

Event handling must be done quickly without disturbing the soil ball and not buried cone plant deeper.

The substrate need sagovnikovyh the palm slightly. To make it, take 2 pieces of clay and turf soil and 1 part peat, humus, leaf soil and sand. At the bottom of the bowl to provide drainage.

Propagated the palm at home with the kids, which are formed on the trunk. They can be cut off and the slice fall asleep crushed coal.

Babe before landing a few days dried and planted in the substrate of peat, leaf soil and sand, taken in equal proportions.

Watering is carried out very mild – only slightly moisten the soil. Well before rooting process of the baby stimulator of root formation.

Can sagovnikovyh Palma to multiply and seeds, only the first seedlings need

sagovnikovyh palm care home

wait for about 2 months with constant heating of the substrate.

Pests sagovnikovyh palm trees and fight with them

Palm scale insects may be affected. In this case, the pests are removed with a cotton swab and wipe leaves with a solution of alcohol.

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