Russian style in garden design

Russian style garden

In the Russian style garden fully reflects the soul and mentality of the Russian people.

Therefore, the main distinctive feature is the maximum approximation to nature.

But since the direct purpose of the garden is getting a good harvest, it is quite clear that the decorative plants that do not have a specific use, will be isolated instances.

To create this form of design it is desirable to have large area planting. However, the «Russian miracle» possible in our standard 5-10 acres.

In the image of garden in Russian style should be a feeling of slight neglect.

So the tracks should lay out the wooden circles, broken tiles, river stone, with the spaces for the growth of gazonas grass between the elements of the coating.

Such blotches of green grass add to the nostalgic atmosphere. It is logical you will look and sand or gravel cover.

The paths should lead in a shaded area where it can be a gazebo for guests or a bench surrounded by flowers planted in the form of a field bouquet of songs that is varied in its color and high-rise structure.

End track can and a small decorative pond with the same miniature bridge across it or a bench on the shore of the pond.

Then you should make the pond around which to plant tall flowers, such as astilba, or just the reeds.

Area group or family holiday is usually located near the house and summer kitchen,

Russian style garden

where it is fashionable to have a barbecue.

This place is also desirable to lay tile or river rock.

On both sides of the grill you can put on a pair of birch trees, this truly Russian tree will decorate the Seating area. Here you can arrange the canopy and tables for feasts.

Usually there doing a small flower garden in which to grow sunflowers, hollyhocks, peonies, daisies and chrysanthemums.

Directly at the table it is possible to plant a mountain ash, which will be until late autumn to please your eyes with their outfit.

Phlox will look good interspersed between apples and pears, but the rose bushes it is advisable to put near the entrance to the house.

In the Russian garden should be and a small raspberry patch, which can be in one of the corners.

Currants and gooseberries are best planted near the guest area, but beds with vegetables preferably positioned away from prying eyes, and to save space to plant around their aromatic plants, useful in cooking.

And of course, what garden in the Russian style without ornaments? But we should observe the Russian flavor.

Therefore, it is possible to take an old wagon wheel, to fasten him to his proper and peculiar shape of the stump, add broken clay jug, and put between them the bushes bluebells, daisies, irises and forget-me-nots.

Or place an old wooden chair, paint it any pretty color you put next to an old watering can or bucket around and around nasturtium, Oriental poppy or other similar bright colors.

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