Russeliya Josefina — care at home

Russelia Josefina

Russeliya Josefina – shrub with drooping branches and attractive orange-red flowers.

The length of the narrow tubular flower clusters about 2-3 cm, they completely cover the plant.

To enjoy this beautiful flower from spring to autumn.

If the plant will receive sufficient amount of heat that can bloom even in winter. The better the lighting, the more abundant flowering.

Summer russelia homenidou can be moved to the balcony, or bring to a suburban area, but as soon as the temperature begins to fall, it is better to bring back home.

To see the full beauty flowing down a cascade of delicate leaves them pronounced texture and beautiful blossoms, the plant is often placed in hanging pots.

It is important to know that the Bush greatly expands in width and in height, so you need some margin space.

If you cut the flowering branches russelii homevideos, buds will be even greater. Pruning may be done at any period, but it is better to delay this process until spring.

In addition, bushes should be trimmed to maintain a compact size.

Russeliya Josefina — care at home


Location and lighting

Bright light and direct sunlight – that was Bush. Place a plant mainly on the Windows and South orientation.


Russeliya Josefina at home feels comfortable at a temperature of from 8 to 24°C.

In the summer you can stand on the street, but whenever the temperature drops immediately back to its original place.

Russelii watering and humidity

Watering the bushes at home have moderately between waterings must have time to dry out the top layer of soil.

Adult plants slightly droughty conditions are created, so the soil should be slightly dried. Humidity should not be less than 50%. If the temperature exceeds 18°C, the plants sprayed daily.


For feeding russelii homevideos at home using a balanced liquid mineral complex (half dose).

From spring to autumn, the frequency of dressing – every 2 weeks in winter in a month.

Russelii transplantation and reproduction

Because the plant belongs to ampelnye plants, then replant it necessary every 2 years.

If there is a possibility the bushes for the winter is better placed in a cool greenhouse, and you can leave the room, but at the same time maintain the temperature of 5-12°C.

Reproduction takes place by means of suckers and cuttings, and division

russeliya Josefina - care at home

adult plants.

Eight inch cuttings root well if the soil temperature is around 20°C and a film of high humidity.

Plant the cuttings recommended for inclined or horizontal.

Pests russelii homevideos and fight with them

The greatest advantage of the Bush – complete absence of disease.

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