Ruelle care at home


Ruelle – representative of the family of Acanthus, got its name from the French botanist and physician. de La Ruelle.

In nature, occurs mainly in North America, Asia, Africa and tropical America.

The genus includes over 250 species. Meeting among representatives of thermophilic and evergreen herbs, shrubs with velvet leaves, shrubs.

The leaves of the bushes can have some differences: in some, they can be dark green in color with thin whitish veins, and the other just patterned.

On the top of the shoots the flowers arranged singly, also can be assembled in several pieces.

They have a tubular shape and different colors: white with blue stripes, white-purple, pink, raspberry pink, red, thickly crimson.

Many species, his delight blooming in August — September and December — January. At home grown as basket plants.

Ruelle care at home

 Location and lighting

For normal development at home ruellia must be placed in a bright place.

The lack of light will cause elongation of the shoots and negatively affect flowering, to the extent that it generally may not come.

Protect plants from drafts, if you do not wish to plant have lost their lower leaves.


Ruelle vital heat, in summer, the plant is comfortable at 20-25°C, in winter the optimum of 16-18°C.

In addition to air temperature not less important, the temperature of the soil, for flowers do not fit the cold windowsills.

Ruelle watering and humidity

Watered evenly throughout the year, the main thing is not to let the soil dry. When the temperature of the air in winter, can slightly reduce watering.

Plants need to create high humidity in the room, although it feels good and in normal humidity.

Too dry indoor air in winter may cause drying and Curling of leaves.


In the flowering period Ruelle need special feeding. For this it is enough twice a month to feed it fertilizer.

Transplantation and propagation

The flower almost doesn’t need a transplant, it is enough to move rooted cuttings from cups to pots.

Once Ruelle will grow you need to plant new cuttings. In one pot, as a rule, planted a few shoots. Blooms when pot becomes too small.

Reproduction occurs through cuttings. For a start, they can be rooted just in water, the recommended temperature of 20-25°C.

Ruelle care at home

To plants more actively branched they must instill, and then to plant in wide but shallow pot.

Ruelle pests and fight with them

The flower is quite resistant to pests, however, attack aphids and whiteflies it is not always possible to avoid.

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