Rosemary — care at home


Nature never ceases to amaze with its diversity of flora.

Among the flora there are such universals that it seems like the entire world is embodied in one unusual plant, such as Rosemary.

Grow this small, ethereal smell of a shrub in the Mediterranean countries.

But there is Rosemary and a frequent guest on the window sill indoor plant enthusiasts. And he valued not so much for its decorative effect, with many useful properties.

Use of rosemary in cosmetics, and in cooking. This plant is capable of at home just by their presence clean from germs surrounding air.

Rosemary — care at home

 Location and lighting

This plant likes space around itself, and direct sunlight.

So have enough large pots with a light leafy-chalky soil (you can add small gravel, expanded clay and sand) are best in open well-lit spaces.

And every sprig of rosemary in the home could «swim» in the gentle rays of the sun, Bush must from time to time to turn that one, then the other side.

Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor lighting in the winter. As rosemary for life need light at least 8 hours a day, light day for this plant will have to increase using the daylight bulbs.


As for temperature, the rosemary is quite capricious plant. He doesn’t like sharp jumps of temperature.

So you’ll have to keep him indoors, heat stable. And the higher the temperature, the more the rosemary smell.

But winter should keep Celsius, within 12-15 to plant a little stopped its growth. Otherwise all the power will go into the leaves, giving the Bush another chance to bloom.

Watering rosemary and humidity

To watering the plant is relatively tolerant of the soil can be watered with plain water from the tap. The main thing – do it regularly, but moderately.

Otherwise, the roots of rosemary can rot, and Bush immediately «die». Winter watering rosemary as the drying of the soil.

And high humidity is detrimental for the plant – leaf covered with mold.

In this case frequent ventilation of the room (rosemary loves skvoznyaki). Spray the plant is not necessary – except to give the leaves a more elegant look.


Rosemary at home grows well without additional feeding. But in the period of active growth will not prevent one to two times a month to feed the plant.

You can use regular or complex fertilizers in the early growing season to bring the soil phosphorus fertilizers, and at the time of entry into the resting phase nitrogen.

For the entire winter feeding is to be paid not more than 2 times and in small quantities.

So the spring bloom was abundant, before this phase of rosemary essential rest. And fertilizers, on the contrary, in winter, can help to stimulate active life of the plant.

Transplant rosemary and reproduction

Rosemary in the home – not a fan of «change place of residence. Therefore, to attach it carefully (and this should be done as the growth of the root system).

The best time to change flower pot into a large container – spring. At the same soil mixture completely changed to fresh (with the obligatory drainage).

Dead winter branches of the root are cut off, and Bush is transplanted into moist soil.

It should also shorten the branches of rosemary to the plant was easier to take root in a new place.

The trimmed cuttings can be planted together in a spacious flower pot (or box) for reproduction. But first tear off the lower leaves and the stalk, is processed by means for rooting.

The soil for the seedlings should contain peat and sand. While there is a formation of the root system on the cuttings, they should be sprayed every day with warm water.

It is necessary to avoid exposing the seedlings to direct sunlight. After 3 weeks, rooted cuttings can be put in different pots.

Pests and diseases rosemary

Despite the fact that rosemary has good antibacterial properties, he is able to hurt.

Improper care of a plant it can pavanati leaves (the excess of the sun) or yellow (lack of moisture).

If the aroma is a symptom of excessive humidity. By setting the desired mode

rosemary - care at home

lighting, humidity and irrigation, the plant can be cured.

It is more difficult with pests: aphids, whitefly. Here have to resort to disinfectant solutions.

But in itself the plant viable, and immunity from Rosemary at home only weakens in winter.

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