Rose growing and care

rose growing and care

Roses – one of the most popular and beautiful colors on earth.

Rarely has any housewife in the country there is no flower garden with these wonderful plants.

Purchasing rose bushes for cultivation, choose the instances with a large number of buds and unopened flowers and buds. The roses have to be physically healthy.

Upon returning home, immediately try to put the bushes in a prepared dish. Most importantly try as little as possible to disturb the roots of the roses.

The soil for growing roses should consist of garden soil, humus and peat (1:2:2). Add to prepared soil with a little coarse river sand (1:10).

The first 10 days planted rose bushes, it is good to hold in wind-protected place, sprinkling daily.

The growing and care of roses provides daily moderate watering and periodic fertilizing with liquid fertilizer. Make sure that the soil does not dry up, this will lead to leaf drop. Rose I love the fresh air.

Rose growing and care


For the formation of crown growers follow a uniform growth of shoots on the plants. That much stretch is necessary to pinch back.

In order for the rose Bush matured in the first season of plucking the buds, due to the fact that they consume a lot of the beneficial nutrients.

This procedure also helps to preserve the best roses in the winter period, lignification does shoots. In Sunny, hot weather, roses should be watered abundantly, twice a day, or use the mulching of the soil.

Generally growing roses in the summer, you have to achieve before the end of the growing season, the education and development of young shrubs.

So rose didn’t die in the winter, until the end of summer reduce watering and application of nitrogen fertilizers. Moreover, they need to be protected from the cold, this covered the roses for winter, there are different types of shelters, but it is better to make a double protection.

The first involves hilling, insulation of different materials (sawdust, leaves, peat). The second group includes shelter from the wooden boxes are insulated on top. Roses are insulated before the cold weather.

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