Root rot of plants — measures

Koreneva rot

Plant diseases occur due to bacteria and fungi.

The species is large, and the environment they are essential as decomposers.

They penetrate the plant through the damaged area.

Root rot propagated by spores. The wind carries them, water, insects.

They can spread by mechanical means along with the plant. There is fungal fiber, then it turns into mycelium.

The mycelium creates a new controversy. Sometimes the beginning of the disease the plants may be wilting on leaves, rotting of the root collar, and then the root.

One of the varieties of root rot is Phytophthora. Most often it affects violets, Saintpaulia.

Root rot is a fungal disease. Particularly affected stalks and roots. They blacken and rot. Root rot has a second name «black neck».

It often suffer from such plants as cyclamen, violets, sansevieriya.

The cause of root rot: soil moisture and not ventilated room, transplant healthy flowers in the container after the sick plants. With the defeat of the flowers may die in a few days.

Fungi live in the plant, not revealing himself until, until the yield becomes poor. On the front side of the leaf spots appear, and on the back, hatch. Then marvel at the stalk and roots.

But the affected instances can be saved if the stalk is damaged partially. In this case, remove the diseased portion.

Sulfur and charcoal are used as wound-healing and disinfectant agent. They are sprinkled on the slices. You also need to handle the entire inventory.

If the plant is fully infected, it is better to get rid of it, as you can get «neighbors», located in the same room. From root-rot sick not only flowers but also vegetables in the garden.

Means of combating fungal diseases are called fungicides. But recognize bacterial and fungal diseases very difficult. The symptoms are the same. Therefore, the drugs have a common action called «Tools of plant diseases».

To prevent plant diseases, you need to follow the rules of care. If you want to propagate the plant, you only need a healthy leaf or escape.

Root rot of plants - measures

Boiling with potassium permanganate need to process inventory and pots.

The ground for planting be chosen in the correct ratio.

But the main thing is proper care: less moisture, not at the time of spraying, often ventilate the area.

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