Rockery with their hands on the dacha


In recent times it has become very fashionable to decorate your cottage garden or rockery areas.

Its glamor, elegance, fancy shapes, decorative elements make this area a highlight of any landscape.

It is not strange, but can very well make a rockery with their hands. It can be a rocky hill, a wall or a flat surface. Any of the landscape is combined with a rockery. Where do you start?

So, first we need to think about the place which must be clearly visible from all points of the plot to be Sunny. But do not place a rockery near the house, otherwise in the spring during snowmelt design may simply fail.

To facilitate the realization of the idea it is better to draw a rough plan and adhering to it at the selected site, a pull rope in accordance with the size.

Now you need to remove the top layer of soil approximately 20 cm throughout the future rockeries.

Further, the geotextile is placed to prevent the growth of weeds and on top of the drainage, which may consist of fine gravel or crushed brick. Laid on top of sand and compacted. Such a framework would be great to keep the water out, while the stones will not settle.


The next layer will be a mixture of two parts river sand and one part gravel, three parts soil and one part peat. Would make a great mixture for plants.

The construction of rockery with their hands easy, because even the flowers, you can choose a variety. It can be dwarf conifers species, fern species, Prairie plants, shrubs, rhododendrons.

It is necessary to say that plants for rockeries needs to grow on a not very fertile soil, because in nature, they are rising on the rock. And yet from time to time to make fertilizer can be, but in the form of weak solution.

As for the stones, for the arrangement of the rockery with their hands will want the stones natural colours, particularly yellow, grayish, beige. When all the plants will be planted, these shades will accentuate the color scheme.

If you are planning a single-layer walls, you should choose flat rocks, such as Sandstone, dolomite limestone, marl dense rocks.

Is also drawn to faces that should be flat. The rounded shape is not characteristic of the natural mind rockeries.

The largest stones are placed at the base of the composition in a pre-dug cavities. As grounds for boulders placed crushed stone and tamped.

To test how well the stone can be installed with a slight sway. When laying the stones

Rockery with their hands

you need to leave enough space for planting flowers.

Otherwise, they will not grow and develop. Shrubs, trees have to buy the dwarf or stunted.

Look great junipers, dwarf arborvitae, cypress and microbiota. When choosing plants, it is important to pay attention not only to beauty but also to the height, which should not exceed adult of feet.

Also, arranging a rockery need to think about the fact that the plants bloomed on it throughout the season, continuously.

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