Rhubarb – recipes for the winter

Rhubarb – recipes

Despite the fact that rhubarb refers to vegetable crops, something similar to sorrel, the chemical composition of its stalks (and they are eaten) close to the apples.

Therefore, do not apply as a component for soups and salads – pressed rhubarb juice, cook compotes and jams, and also used in other sweet dishes.

Rhubarb — recipes

Most cultures in fresh not survive winter storage. So they canned, cooked jam and other Goodies.

For these purposes, good and rhubarb, recipes of which are given below.

  • Compote from rhubarb. For its preparation should take juicy, tender stalks with a length of 30 cm and a thickness of about 2 cm They must be soaked in water for 12 hours, changing the liquid every 4 hours. Then the stalks cut into small pieces and blanched for 0.5 min. Spreading for the banks, pour the rhubarb syrup of 50% concentration and put to the sterilization (half-liter — 15 min, liter – 25 min).


  • Jam. Cuttings prepared in the same way as for the compote, then placed in an enamel bowl. For filling, prepare the syrup: 300 g of boiled water 1.5 kg sugar (1kg of rhubarb). Brewed in 2 stages: the first stage is 20-30 min, the second 12 hours – until the desired thick.


  • The candied fruit. Cut rhubarb in the recipe smaller pieces than jam. Syrup prepared in the same concentration, but already boiled for 3 of: 15 min with a break of 10 hours. Ready candied recline in a colander and let dry for 2 days. Then roll in sugar and dry 3 more days.


Zagotavlja for the winter rhubarb recipes you can add to and modify to suit your tastes. You need to take into account some of the nuances in the cooking process, so the product was high quality.

  • When composting, it is recommended to add a little cinnamon to get a more savory flavor.


  • Syrup, which is poured rhubarb, should be filtered through 3 layers of cheesecloth after a 10-minute boil. Then he was again brought to a boil and pour in the rhubarb.


  • In the preparation of preserves and candied stalks of rhubarb should remove fibrous covering yarns.


  • Dried candied fruits can be accelerated by using ovens. Stand them after cooking 1.5 hours in a colander, candied be dried at a temperature of 400C to time as the crust will not show through the sugar crystals.


  • Store candied fruit in a dry, well-sealed jars in a dark place.


  • All preparations of rhubarb are produced in may and June, while the stalks are still edible.

 Traditional medicine

Used in alternative medicine rhubarb. Recipes for drugs designed for long-term storage.

Rhubarb – recipes

  • Powder from the roots. Rhubarb root is dried, ground and stored in paper bags. Useful in diseases of the skin and multiple sclerosis.


  • Alcohol tincture. 1 liter vodka take 150 grams of the stems (the leaves in any case should not be used in this recipe). Applied as an astringent, and also in flatulence and constipation.


  • The tea collection. Dried rhubarb crushed and mixed with extract of buckthorn. Drink as tea before bedtime.


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