Rhubarb jam

Rhubarb jam

Not every owner of the famous ways of cooking rhubarb jam, which is not true of strawberry jam.

Although rhubarb is considered a very useful and unique plant in the sense of having healing properties, discovered in a very long time.

Despite this, he never managed to gain its rightful place on our table.

Fans of the original recipes can try to cook fragrant rhubarb jam.

Because this plant is contained in large amounts oxalic acid, utensils for making jam should be copper or tin.

Recipe: rhubarb jam

First of all, you need to get the rhubarb in the amount of 1 kg, sugar – 2 kg cinnamon – on a tip of a teaspoon, a bag of «Gelince».

Because rhubarb has a very sour taste, sugar is necessary to take twice more than rhubarb.

The first stalks of rhubarb washed, removes hard skin and cut into wedges. They are filled with sugar which should melt.

For this recipe you can make jam in two ways. Within thirty minutes, boil the jam and pour into hot sterile jars.

The foam in the brewing process are carefully collected, you don’t need it. In this jam the pieces of rhubarb are reminiscent of candied fruits.

With any method of cooking rhubarb jam cinnamon and a bag of «Zelenki» are always added five minutes before the end of cooking.

By the way, you can get jam rhubarb with cherries. The taste is remembered for years to even the pickiest gourmets. You need to take rhubarb 1 kg; cherry – 0.5 kg; sugar – 2 kg

It can be prepared relatively quickly. Pre-cleaned and chopped stalks of rhubarb are complemented by the washed cherries without bones.

All sprinkle with sugar and put on medium heat. The jam will be ready in 30 minutes. The main indicator of readiness is the tendency to change color.

Also delicious it will jam with a combination of oranges and rhubarb. Need another bag gelling sugar.

Oranges to make it, cut into squares, and rhubarb. Technology and the amount of sugar the same as was described in the previous recipe. Chilled jam jars need to get through the day in a cool place.

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