Rhubarb — growing in the country

rhubarb (growing)

Growing rhubarb is not difficult, besides it is healthy and tasty.

This plant has a large bouquet of medicinal functions.

Rhubarb contains: starch, fructose, malic acid, mineral salts, pectin.

Besides, it is rich in potassium, which is known to be beneficial for the heart. In food it is better to use young shoots grown rhubarb.

Rhubarb (growing)

Growing rhubarb in the garden at the cottage, please note, it likes partial shade. Of course, will grow in the sun, but will feel uncomfortable.

Rhubarb exceptionally cold-resistant and perennial plant. The favorite place can grow for over 15 years.

For this EMU you need to create favorable conditions, using fertilizers, and adding compost. Soil is depleted and the roots gradually become bare. The root system of rhubarb is developing a powerful and ramified. In the interior can penetrate up to 2.5 metres. Rhubarb leaves powerful, form a bushy rosette, similar to the leaves of burdock and grow from the root.

Depending on the variety growing, the rhubarb may have thick red or green stalks. Red petioles are softer and have a nicer green.

To prevent the formation of new leaves, the flower stalks you need to remove as soon as they appear.For growing rhubarb you can buy seeds, but it is not very convenient. The first harvest of rhubarb from seed will appear only after two seasons.

It is better to propagate it vegetatively – by dividing rhizomes, then harvest rhubarb will receive next year.

Plant rhubarb in the spring and fall can. For breeding you need to choose a well-developed shrub, which has a full fleshy petioles. Put rhubarb to a depth of 5-8cm. When harvesting the rhubarb leave 3-4lista.

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