Rhoicissus care at home


Rhoicissus – room evergreen vine that belongs to the family of Grape.

This flower wearing people beautiful name «birch» is very common among lovers of room floriculture.

The plant is fairly undemanding, does not require special conditions of detention.

Grows well both in the home and conservatories.

Rhoicissus great for vertical gardening. Also it is possible to form a basket plant.

With the help of this skilled flower growers create original flower arrangements.

At home grow two types of rhoicissus Cape and diamond, which differ in the shape of leaves.

Rhoicissus rhombic letter in accordance with its name, consists of three leaves in the shape of rhombuses.

From Cape fellow the leaves are large, entire, with teeth. Both rhoicissus have a green upper part of leaf, and the lower part has a red-brown hue.

Rhoicissus care at home


Location and lighting

This plant can be placed anywhere in the room. It grows well with other green Pets. Since ancient times it is believed that rhoicissus cleans the air in the room.

The flower prefers Sunny sites, but will grow and delight with their beauty, and in the far corner of the apartment.

The plant is really very unpretentious, just love it and to properly care for it.


The flower grows well in home conditions and easily tolerates high temperature. After all, his birthplace is South Africa.

In winter the optimum temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius. Such conditions can only be created in the greenhouse, but in the conditions of the apartment make it very problematic.

Because of its simplicity, a handsome, well-rhoicissus winter and at room temperature.

In the summer it is recommended to make the flower on the balcony or on the street. It is necessary to protect the plant from direct sunlight to avoid burns on the leaves.

Rhoicissus will feel good about themselves under the green leaves of trees, in scattered sunlight.

Watering of rhoicissus and humidity

Room rhoicissus loves frequent watering, but can survive if the owner accidentally forgets to pour it. To prevent root rot, a flower should be watered after drying the top layer of earth.

In the winter, when the content of the winter gardens, watering should be reduced. In warm rooms during winter, you should continue watering in the same way as in the summer.

Due to its tropical origin, the flower likes high humidity. Therefore, you should regularly spray the plant with a spray bottle.

Green pet will be very grateful for wiping leaves with a damp sponge or water treatment in the shower.

Fertilizer of rhoicissus

It is necessary to regularly correct feeding plant complex mineral fertilizers in which all nutrients are in a balanced form.

Such fertilizers in a large range presented in specialized commercial networks. Apply fertilizer should be according to the instructions.

In the winter, feeding should be reduced. And we must always remember that everything is good in moderation. Should not be much abuse by feeding the plants with fertilizers.

We should not neglect people’s recipes fertilizers. This watering sleep tea, chamomile extract, and many other useful solutions. Every grower knows a lot of similar recipes.

Transplantation and propagation of rhoicissus

Rhoicissus at home well propagated by cuttings apical that when planting in soil nutrient to root in two weeks.

It is recommended before planting to handle place slices in a growth stimulator of the type Kornevin or EPIN. The flower is easily propagated by dividing the Bush during transplantation. Special care to grow the plant from seed.Transplant young plants should be conducted annually. In the future, the flower needs a transplant every two years in a pot larger volume with the addition of fresh soil.

For planting and transplanting need to use or purchase land, or a mixture of compost, loam, and sand in the ratio 2:2:1.

Pests of rhoicissus and fight with them

Rhoicissus care at home

The plant is very resistant to diseases. Of pests, the plant may be attacked by scale insects and spider mites.

To combat them, use an insecticide that is applied strictly according to instructions.

Treatment should be done very carefully to avoid re-infection.

When treating plants with chemicals, you should observe safety rules.

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