Rhododendron – planting and care

Rhododendron – planting and care

Rhododendrons are evergreen, deciduous and deciduous tropical.

Varieties there are about eight.

It can be tree and shrub. The bright colors of the flowers leave no one indifferent.

But he is very Moody and most importantly to survive the winter not everyone succeeds. Although if you follow certain rules, the result will be excellent.

The choice of location

For landing you need to choose a bright place but without direct sunlight.

It is important to know that there are varieties of colors which are mostly sun-loving. And still the landing place should be closed from drafts. Stagnation of water is also excluded.

It would be nice if nearby there was a pond. If not, Bush will have to be sprinkled, because it needs humid air.

Another whim is the lack of nearby trees. The plant roots find the root system of the tree and entwine it.


Rhododendron – planting

Plant the bushes better in the spring. When using seeds, they first germinated, to form a Bush, and then transferred to the open ground.

For planting dig a hole, fill it with substrate and dropped the Bush, but so that the neck of the flower was at the level of the soil. A hole and buried top soil mulching.

It is desirable for this purpose to use peat or pine bark. So well accustomed rhododendron planting it should be accompanied by abundant watering (at first) and the subsequent loosening of the soil.

Rhododendron care

Planting is done. Next you need to know some of the nuances of growing plants, as already mentioned, the rhododendron is quite whimsical.

And still planting its quality soil, care is reduced to a minimum.

Water the plant not much, but at the same time and to dry up the soil too bad. You should find a middle ground.

For irrigation use only soft water, and even better river. To avoid alkalizing the soil, in water mixed with a small amount of sulfuric acid.

For the laying of the flowering need pruning. Wilting umbrellas inflorescences regularly pruned. Otherwise, they will interfere with the development, and the Bush will not look attractive.

Winter. If well wintered rhododendron, caring for a flower will become much easier. Because wintering conditions mainly affect future flowering.

That is why this issue should be taken seriously. How much cover depends on its type. Some good winter, others not so.

One, it is sufficient to arrange the layer mollirovannogo soil based on peat or leaves, while others need a solid «safe haven».


Most often this occurs via seed or grafting. Here you need to consider the experience and desire of the gardener.

The choice of planting material

A beautiful flower will be able to grow only if it is acquired in the nursery.

Rhododendron – planting and care

There will not only provide the appropriate name of the plant, but also explain in detail how to care for it.

In natural markets, these advantages will not, because the sellers themselves don’t always know what they are trading.

Even if purchased on the market, the plant will bloom well in summer, in winter it may simply die.

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