Reproduction of thuja cuttings

reproduction of thuja cuttings

Designer elegant look suburban areas and gardens, which grow arborvitae.

Gardeners also seek such splendor to bring in the landscape design of the suburban area is not only beautiful, but also useful to the surrounding air.

To grow well th seeds – the process is tedious, with several years.

You can buy seedlings at the breeders, but the fun is not cheap.

So raisonnee be the reproduction of thuja cuttings.

Reproduction features of TUI

To grow thuja from cuttings is not too difficult as at first some people think.

Observing all the rules and features of TUI breeding, you can eventually get on your spruce brilliance, created with his own hands.

Before you start breeding TUI, it is necessary to look after the tree from which to take the process.

Choose cuttings need not be old, but not young, they should be strong, but not salereviews.

To find such it is possible to average the height of the tree. Cut the stalk from the trunk should be a small piece of bark, while its length should be 50 cm.

For reliability it is better to make a few slices just to be safe. To perform this procedure should fall, until frost.

The longer the «heel» of the cutting (a piece of bark from the bottom), the more likely that thuja will take root. At the bottom of the extra twigs and leaves are removed.

For planting arborvitae essential ground sheet combined 1:1 with peat. The cuttings are planted in the flower pot and the ground cover with sand.

Planting cuttings in a container is made so that the lower needles do not touch the ground.

The cuttings watered and create greenhouse conditions, covered or glass jar or a transparent film.

Important here is the mode of cultivation: no more than 70% humidity at the optimum temperature of 23°C.

Periodically the handle open and spray (watering is not yet needed). In this case it is necessary to monitor the state of the future seedling. The signal for rooting cuttings will be the emergence of new shoots.

Now often to ventilate, conducting hardening. This reproduction TUI ends.

When the seedling is sufficiently familiar in a flower pot and begin to develop actively, it can be moved into a greenhouse or a greenhouse, or risk to plant in the open ground.

Tips for breeding TUI for beginners

Tuning to breed in their area of coniferous beauty through cuttings, you should consider the things the reproduction of thuja can fail.

  • The land take for planting cuttings should not contain weeds, or in a greenhouse period, they will clog the growth of the seedling.
  • To accelerate the development of the cutting and the emergence of new shoots on it, before planting in the soil this process should hold for 10-12 h in solution «Kornevin». reproduction of thuja cuttings
  • The harvesting of cuttings from adult TUI better to do on a cloudy day, early in the morning. The age of the twigs should be at least 4 years.
  • If I had to cut the cuttings from the patient’s TUI, before planting in the ground place slices should be treated with IAA.
  • Transplant outdoors before the cold weather should be warmed fir branches, leaves or sawdust. How successful the experiment on propagation by cuttings of thuja, will be judged next year in the spring.


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