Reproduction of begonias in the home

Reproduction of begonias in the home

Begonias are so attractive, that does not leave anyone indifferent grower.

Looks great plant in the garden and in the country, and on the windowsill in the apartment.

But to get this beauty, you need to master the reproduction of Begonias.

This can be done in several ways: by dividing the Bush or rhizomes (tubers), cuttings of the stem or leaf and sometimes seed.

The most common techniques are shown below.

Reproduction begonia leaves

Those varieties that do not have explicit stem, growers as the planting material used leaves. In this case, the propagation of Begonias is as follows.

  • You must choose the most durable paper and carefully cut the roots with a sharp blade.
  • Then the sheet is cut into triangles so that each element was 2 veins.
  • Sticking slightly semantiki in moist sand, cover them with polyethylene.

Caring for planting is periodic irrigation. Once you find the young leaves on these segments, they should «walk», removing from time to time the package.

As soon as the germs get stronger, they can be transplanted to a permanent place. The ground near the root collar should not be accepted.

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The propagation of begonias from cuttings

If the propagation of Begonias by using the sheet can be made at any time of the growing season, that is by dividing plants from cuttings it is better to do in the spring.

  • Releasing the flower from the pot, remove the roots from the ground, washed them with water.
  • Then remove the large leaves, stalks and overgrown stems.
  • Bush divided so that each root portion of the left or the germ, or Bud. Thus it is necessary to use a very sharp knife.
  • Place slice sprinkled with charcoal.

Before planting in a pot the roots are treated with «Carnevino». After planting in the ground Begonia should be immediately watered.

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Reproduction begonia tubers

Reproduction tuberous Begonias varieties carried out by other technology, but also employs a method of division.

  • As soon as the spring on the tuber buds appeared and gave a shoot, you need a knife to separate the planting material apart.
  • After cutoff, treated or wood ashes, or «Fundazol» and are dried (naturally).
  • Each piece of the tuber is planted in a separate flower pot, suglobov into the soil only half. It is advisable to cover the trimmed plastic bottle.
  • Once the sprout reaches 7 cm, cover shoot and tuber sprinkle the ground completely.

Will just have to monitor the soil moisture and temperature regime, providing Begonias convenient conditions for development.


Transplanting Begonias, need to take into account a number of nuances relating to the «passions» of the plant. This flower does not like spacious pots.

Reproduction of begonias in the home

For example, the distance from planted in the soil of the tuber to the edges of the tank should be no more than 2 cm.

In any method of planting is desirable for the first three days the plant is put into the shade, away from sunlight.

And, of course, reproduction of a flower better suited in a good mood.

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