Reproduction garden BlackBerry

Reproduction BlackBerry

From the garden raspberries are next of kin, BlackBerry, most varieties with different fruit color (they are grey, sometimes even black).

In suburban areas you can meet representatives of wild plants, and breeding culture.

And if the latter, you can purchase ready seedlings, here is a natural species of blackberries you need to know how to multiply, so the plant is well started.

Methods of reproduction BlackBerry

Depending on the type and sort should be selected and the method of its reproduction. But in any case it will be a vegetative way from seed fans to grow up culture is not real.

And hybrid varieties in this case, if they survive, it will lose all of their properties, returning to «the source.»

Among the types of BlackBerry distinguish a group of erect shrubs – kumanica, blackberries PPE, and a group with creeping stems – romanica. BlackBerry multiplies each group differently.

Roanoke apply to the ways in which it reproduces the strawberries, top leaves. When the stem of the BlackBerry will reach nearly a meter in length, it pinch.

It stimulates development of side shoots, which should be added dropwise and wait to start up the root system. When the new escape will come into force, it can be cut off from the parent’s «umbilical cord».

The BlackBerry grey (kumanica, chill), and all hybrid shrub varieties are propagated differently- suckers and shoots:

— scions are cuttings from the main Bush, should be not less than 3 x years of age, so they already had a strong root system (preferably rhizome on otvodka was no shorter than 18 cm.).

Cut off the descendants are transplanted into the prepared furrow for self-development. Then, a year later, Bush transplanted to a permanent place; green shoots of blackberries are propagated differently.

Rod incised at the base (but not cut from the parent plant) and bends to the ground, covered with earth.

If you hold this summer, by the fall, escape the roots are already formed and then it can be cut off and transplanted in the furrow for adaptation.

There is another interesting method of reproduction, BlackBerry air layering. But growers rarely use.

reproduction BlackBerry

On woody shoots is put plastic bag, and tied off the bottom of the well.

Inside it creates a kind of greenhouse regime. In such circumstances, the buds, the stems in the package, put down roots.

When they are strong enough, the stalk was cut off from escape and rooted in the ground.

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