Replacing the Foundation – a radical but necessary measure

the replacement of the Foundation

Even people far from the problems of construction, understand how important the Foundation as a way of promoting overall strength and durability of the building.

It is a kind of basis, the viability of which ultimately depends on the reliability of the house.

The only exceptions are some types of prefabricated buildings, whose design is generally without Foundation.

The causes of the destruction of the foundations

The destruction of the foundations comes from a variety of reasons:

  • load change due to deformation of bearing structures;
  • the ingress groundwater, inevitably affecting the integrity of the structures;
  • component wear of foundations due to low quality materials.

Noticing the first symptoms of destruction, it is necessary to take urgent measures to restore damaged structures — replacement of the Foundation is drastic and quite costly way to save the building. What are these symptoms?

Signs of the destruction of the Foundation

First of all, cracks in basement walls often. Their presence indicates the misalignment and the load on the Foundation.

Another definite Wake-up call — the uneven lifting of the Foundation perimeter of the building. It comes from the change of the contact area between Foundation and soil.

There are other signs that the experts with absolute certainty diagnose a violation of the integrity of the foundations.

By the way, the appearance of the aforementioned signs the best solution for the owner to be of immediate appeal to the professionals.

Staff will give recommendations for further use of the building, if necessary, quickly and efficiently eliminate problems.

So, after the examination, the decision on the replacement of the Foundation. This is a rather laborious and demanding operation that requires a professional and thorough approach.

Partial or total replacement involves prior «unloading» while preserving the overall stability of the building.

Methods of discharge there are several, each of them context-specific, evaluate on the spot.

For example, there may be applied a method of installation of temporary stone pillars that transmit the load from the slab to the ground or method of installation of the braces that support the basement wall.

In all cases, prior to the strengthening of door and window openings. The complexity and specificity of the process completely eliminates the possibility of this event on their own. Expert help is required.

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