Repair water heater

water heater repair

A huge number of truckers use on their suburban areas of various tanks, barrels, in short water heaters that install in the street and used as summer showers.

Since, as a rule, in summer time there are hot days, the water in water heaters can heat up from sunlight, but in autumn or spring water may not be able to heat up and want to take a shower.

To solve this problem, many gardeners buy pots with built-in electric heating elements, which in a relatively short period of time will heat the water to the desired temperature.

Sometimes, the result of careless handling of the tank, namely the inclusion without water, you can burn the heating element, as will be seen in the cotton inside the tank, after which it will be necessary to repair the water heater, otherwise use it for its intended purpose will be impossible.

Self-repair of the heater is recommended to start with the purchase of a new heating element, which should be completely similar to the burnt heating element.

Special attention should be given to the landing place, as if the new and burnt-out heating elements they are different, then it may leak water, and in this case operation of the tank is strictly prohibited, as there is a direct threat of electric shock.

Allowed to purchase more or less powerful heating element, but before you buy you need to cope about the possibility of your suburban electric network, as a rule, these networks do not have large capacities.

After the heating element is purchased, you can proceed to the actual process of repair of the heater, for this you will most likely need a set of tools and sometimes assistance partner.

After the heating element is extracted need to ring him to make sure he was burned, if ten is a violation of the integrity of the shell, test the tester does not need, so as to exploit it definitely not.

Attempt to repair the heater can be considered completed when the new heating element installed and performed test Bay and water heating.

Remember that compliance with operating rules and just respect for the water heater will not only increase its service life and will reduce the number of repairs, but also ensure safe use of this electrical appliance, which for many years will delight you with its work, bringing your home comfort.

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