REO Patriarchate — care at home

REO Patriarchate

REO Patriarchate – representative of the family Komlinovic. This is the only species of the genus.

Homeland plants are considered tropical Antilles and Mexico. Externally, the flower looks like a dracaena.

Ornamental deciduous plant cultivated in the tropical forests of both hemispheres, quickly running wild.

Favorable conditions provides a long bloom, which lasts the whole year.

The flower is loved by gardeners for its beautifully painted dense, glossy leaves. Despite the fact that the plant is undemanding, it needs regular watering.

REO Patriarchate — care tips

 Location and lighting

The flower loves the light. The lack of lighting leads to the fact that the plant is pulled, loses its decorative appeal, pestrolistye forms fade color.

It is best to dispose of REO Patriarchate on the Western or Eastern window. If you still chose the window, South orientation, REO preferably pritenyat from direct sunlight, especially in summer.


Since REO Patriarchate – plant unpretentious, and create a special microclimate is not necessary.

It thrives at normal room temperature, it easily tolerates the heat and lowering the temperature to 16°C in winter.

REO watering and humidity

Abundant watering begin in March and finish in September. In autumn and winter watering is reduced to moderate after about a couple of days after drying the top layer of earth. Pour recommended well separated by water.

Unacceptable water stagnation, drying out or waterlogged substrate. The plant feels better in damp conditions, so it is recommended to periodically spray the leaves.

If REO Patriarchate grown in the home, it is advisable to air the room.

Fertilizer REO patriarcato

Fertilizing of the flower is in the active growth period twice a month. To do this, use a complete fertilizer, which, if desired, alternating with organic fertilizers.

In the autumn the number of feedings is reduced and the winter stops altogether.

Transplantation and propagation of REO

Transplanting is carried out annually. As the root system is not well developed, there is no need to repot the plant in deep pots.

For the preparation of soil mixes used by sod and leaf soil, sand and humus. Propagated

REO Patriarchate care in Domashni conditions

using side shoots or apical cuttings.

Each method is quite simple but effective.

Pests REO Patriarchate and fight with them

To hurt the plant can scale. Pest just wash with a sponge and soapy solution, then washed with water and treated with insecticides.

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