Remove side shoots of tomatoes (tomato)

remove side shoots of tomatoes

Remove side shoots of tomatoes (tomato), which is the removal of at least the appearance of lateral shoots.

Side-shoot removing is carried out, because these shoots take tomato to its growth nutrients.

The sooner you remove them the better for tomatoes.

Need the suckers to pinch off at the beginning of occurrence up to about 3 cm in the side-shoot removing tomato, leave stump height not more than 1 cm below this place from dormant buds began to grow new shoots. Remove side shoots of tomatoes is carried out 1-2 times a week.

During the formation of tomatoes to two stems, in the main left 4 flower tassels, and pinch the tip, leaving three leaves. The stepson left two blooming brush, and two sheets, the other shoots phasingout.

When you remove side shoots of tomatoes is necessary to consider climatic and varietal characteristics of tomatoes. In the southern climate zone, where tomatoes ripen well, low-growing varieties can be grown without pinching.

In this case, remove side shoots of tomatoes can be done to speed up ripening, but it should be remembered that the yield will be worse.

In those places where the ripening of the tomato is slowly removed all the shoots of tomato on the main stem below the first flower brushes. For these climatic zones are more suitable low-growing varieties of tomato.

Growing tall varieties, side-shoot removing tomato is carried throughout the plant’s growth. After pridobivanje shrubs not watered the day.

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