Remontant strawberries

Remontant strawberries

Unlike conventional varieties, everbearing strawberries a few times per season it blooms and gives fruit.

It blooms at the same time with the garden berry, but bears fruit until September.

Everbearing strawberries have a lot of leaves and inflorescences more than usual.

This variety of strawberry is very good, has large and small fruit.

For growing everbearing strawberries do not need large areas for planting. Yield it will not be below.

Strawberry is the first berry. Before you plant strawberries, you need to clear the land from weeds, to dig and fertilize it.

After the seedlings were planted in the ground should be well compacted earth. The air is well penetrated to the roots, the soil needs to be loosened. This kind of strawberries need abundant watering.

When the first flowers appear, you need to fertilize the bushes with special fertilizers. Berries should not touch the ground. Better to raise them with wire.

To the fruits are large, cut antennae. Strawberries grown at home, gives you the crop much more than the usual way.

Everbearing strawberries not stand the cold, therefore it requires special care: watering, fertilizing. Nice in the winter to keep the snow longer and warm strawberries.

And in the spring you can remove the flower stalks spring to second harvest was plentiful. Vegetatively propagated strawberry, antennae, and if a few of them, dividing the Bush. Some varieties sown seeds.

If you sow strawberries in February, then in July the first ripe berries. Spring strawberries covered with plastic wrap. This is necessary in order to quickly ripe, the first crop.

Everbearing strawberries are grown on balconies, loggias, window sills. She looks beautiful in hanging pots.

It is planted in decomposed peat with humus manure (1×1). Everbearing varieties of strawberries are many, and each is good in its own right.

Three harvests per season gives «Elizabeth II». It blooms from may to October. Not afraid of the frost, the berries large. Even

Remontant strawberries

winter keeps the buds.

A beardless variety of strawberry «Yellow wonder.» It tolerates heat and cold. Has an aroma of wild strawberries and yellow.

Up to the first frosts gives a yield grade Brighton. Berries large, dark red.

Berries are conical in shape, has a sweet cultivar «Tristar». He tolerates cold, but requires plentiful watering and feeding fertilizers 1 time per week.

Give good yields of such varieties as: «Lyubava», «Selva», «Referent», «Giant». They are bearing very long, so they need special care.

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