Recommended ornamental plants for home

and plants for house

Ornamental deciduous and flowering plants will delight you with not only beautiful flowers, but showy leaves.

Thanks to its distinctive beauty they will create a cosiness in the house and will be an excellent decoration of the apartment.

When landscaping home gardeners use a variety of life-forms of plants. For loggias and balconies great decoration will become a creeper.

This perennial ornamental plants with long and flexible shoots. With the same success can exist as a pot culture, and a groundcover, lawn substitute for his beloved country.

The vines are perfectly combined with other types of room, grow quickly and decorate with any material (stone, metal, wood).

For vertical gardening growers widely use: asparagus superfine, header, Hoya, grape, Anthurium, monstera, Cissus, etc.

No less popular hanging plant basket. Translated from the German «Appel» — hanging vase. Hanging plants are planted in hanging vases, pots.

Usually a basket form, hung on walls, Windows, loggias or balconies, you can put on the edge of the table.

For balconies are suitable: begonia, Bellflower, Saxifraga, fuchsia, Chlorophytum, spiderwort. To a warm environment: Jasmine, asparagus, Sprenger, pelargonium.

Of particular interest among the growers of plants for the house the succulents. This plants belonging to different families but with one thing in common, they accumulate in their bodies large amounts of liquid.

They have thickened leaves, or completely devoid of them. Some of the representatives of succulents – cacti.

In General, this form is quite diverse and can easily adapt to different environmental conditions, and combine well with driftwood, gravel, chunks of granite and so on. Popular introduced succulents: Sedum, Echinopsis, Echeveria, prickly pear, crassula, mamilanji.

Woody plants for the home are found in the form of flowering deciduous shrubs and trees. The most common types: aucuba, abutilon, codiaeum, ficus, oleander, fatsiyi, chloranthus so on.

Bulbous plants not so often used in home gardening, while some is worthy of a niche in this competition. Common: haemanthus, gippeastrum, crinum, eucharis.

Another form of indoor plants – herbaceous perennials. They are kept on the Windows, in a green corner, on a special dais, hung on the walls. These include: Sebring, aspidistra, marant, of saxifrage, of Oxalis, peperomiya, secresy and many others.

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