Recipes wines from Rowan

Recipes wines from Rowan

At home you can prepare drinks from almost any berries.

The unusual taste of the wine obtained from the Rowan – originality gives them a tart bitterness of the fruit.

It turns out great mountain wine from the large frozen berries.

Therefore, if the fruits are ripe before the frost, they can be slightly primorosa in the fridge.

Recipes wines from Rowan

Preferably before preparing the wine first to soften the tart taste of the berries, putting them in 2 stages (with an interval of half an hour) in hot water.

Drain the water, the fruits of mountain ash mash until mushy state, squeezing the juice, which strain through a strainer or cheesecloth.

Pulp pour boiling water and leave for a few hours to cool naturally. The cooled wort is poured into the juice of mountain ash and add sugar (half a kilogram to 10 kilograms of berries).

For quality fermentation, add a handful of fresh grapes or a handful of raisins.

Capacity, where a haunting wine, covered with gauze and leave for 3 days. When you go rich providentia, the composition is filtered.

Now add sugar (same amount), set water lock, and capacity with the future wine of ash sent into a dark room.

Here you will need to consider such a thing: containers need to last about a third, providing a place for carbon dioxide.

The process of fermentation is better to follow the course of all weeks, trying not to miss the end gases. As soon as the drink becomes transparent wine should be carefully drained without disturbing the sediment.

The strained wine from the ash again put under water seal, but for a couple of days. And again filtered, and then bottled (no plastic!), sealed and stored until use.

Prescription variations of wine

Other than plain brandy can be cooked and fruit mixture, for example, adding Apple juice, which acidified the wine. Take this proportion: 1 kg Rowan berries 1 litre of Apple juice.

An extraordinary wine, the blend you get when you mix the juice of mountain ash with the juice of Aronia in the ratio of 1:1.

A very original dessert wine with the addition of other berries: strawberry, strawberry, currant. Proportions can vary to taste.

Cook the wine of ash and yeast. This will simplify the process. Yeast and all

recipes wines from Rowan

the sugar entered to the juice of mountain ash at the first stage.

Fermentation under water seal lasts for several days, after which the wine is filtered, bottled and clog.

At the 3 liters of wine warehouse, take a pound of sugar and 1 packet of dry yeast.

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