Recipes of Japanese quince

Recipes quince

The yellow fruit similar in appearance to Apple, but the taste is different from him.

The fruit of the quince is hard and astringent, astringent taste.

But the smell is so pleasant that stimulates the appetite.

Raw quince is rarely eaten. Except that some Asian varieties of this crop have a sweet loose flesh.

But processed fruits are widely used in cooking. And, again, you need to only take miliavskaya quince.

Recipes quince

Whatever dish was prepared from these fruits, they must be subjected to preliminary treatment: wash under running warm water, scrubbing with a brush from the skin down.

If the product is for cooking should be cut, that the quince should be acidified water (per liter of liquid «lemon» on the tip of a knife).

This is necessary in order that the flesh air is not darkened («guilt» around – tannins).Japanese quince is cooked very fragrant and delicious jam, it also has more and medicinal properties.

Compotes, jellies also delicious and healthy. They prepare easily and they are especially useful in the infant diet.

Along with the usual dishes of quince can be prepared a lot of original dishes that will appeal to not only kids but also adults.

Drink of the Japanese quince

Even a simple medical quince drink can be turned into a special dessert. To do this, cut a fruit without a core blanch in boiling water until soft, and then together with broth to wipe through a sieve.

Adding the taste of lemon juice and sugar, whisk and leave to cool. Before serving the drink from the Japanese quince is poured into cups and decorate with whipped cream on top.

Baked quince

I love children and baked quince. Cook it the same way as the Apple in the hole of the core poured sugar fruit and put it in the oven.

Gravy in a pan of water, bake at least an hour. Feeding to the table, baked quince sprinkled with jam or fruit (berries) syrup.

Pastilles quince

Delicious pastilles quince. But they will have to add the apples (200 g per 1 kg of the main product).

Fruit without a core, then heated until soft and RUB. You then add sugar (400 g) and the juice of one lemon.The mass is boiled until thickened. On a wet cutting Board spread the finished candy and level.

Covered with gauze, left for 2 days to dry in a ventilated place. Then the marshmallows cut into any figures, roll in sugar (or powder). Store in a tightly closed glass jar.

Fruit salad with Japanese quince

In the summer you can cook an original fruit salad. The flesh of half a melon cut into cubes and put in salad bowl. Here 1 RUB the peeled quince.

The filling is made from cream (1 tablespoons), whipped with sugar (1-1,5 tablespoons) and pineapple juice (1 tsp).

Cheese cake of the Japanese quince

There are many interesting baking recipes with quince. Here is one of them – cheese pie.

The quinces, cut into 4 pieces, blanched in syrup with added lemon slices.

Meanwhile, prepare the dough: 1 Cup sugar, 3 eggs, 2 tbsp of vegetable oil and half a teaspoon of zest.

To this mass is added to cheese (300 g) flour (300 g) baking powder (1 packet).

On the laid to form the dough spread slices of quince, a little pushing in the ground.

After half an hour baking a cake sprinkled with icing sugar to create a beautiful crust and kept in the oven for a few minutes.

Couscous quince

Useful quince in festive dishes. In the East, for example, cook a delicious couscous.

Chicken thigh fried put onion, cherry pieces, dried apricots and slices of quince.

All the stew, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes. The couscous is mixed with saffron and pour over the chicken

Recipes of Japanese quince

broth (hot), infuse.

Meanwhile, to chicken add pumpkin slices, lime juice and zest, cinnamon and herbs.

5 minutes before end of cooking add the couscous. When serving, decorate with parsley sprigs and lemon slices.

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