Recipes from a Swede

Recipes from rutabagas (ear)

What recipes of traditional Christmas dishes of different peoples there.

Traditions, customs and tastes just allow you to create these edible masterpieces from products that are not combined at first glance.

Sometimes the individual elements is even difficult to recognize. Here and taste of the turnip is an unexpected and very pleasant.

Maybe not in vain in her honor a feast is held every year in Finland and in the Russian city of Ivanovo.

On the second Saturday of November, it also takes place in Switzerland on lake Zurich, Richterswil. In England and Ireland of carving turnip lanterns as a pumpkin during the Halloween celebration.

Even the common Christmas meal of Finnish cuisine is called «lanttulaatikko» and a casserole with rutabagas.

And the Udmurts bake your famous sarkinen filled with this vegetable rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamins.

Wide use in the nutrition of rutabagas must not only the content of nutrients, but also a valuable medicinal qualities since ancient times, exposed in folk medicine.

High content of calcium allows you to cook rutabagas for people suffering from bone diseases. Substance sulfuron identified in turnip, actively participates in the neutralization of toxic products inhaled by man.


To use it especially in winter in the period of decrease in protective properties of the human body. To do this, it is possible to cook, extinguish, salt, eat cottage cheese, in the absence of intestinal diseases.

The pieces of turnip among the carrots, potatoes, even with a small amount of meat, baked in a clay pot decorated with green leaves of parsley, raise any appetite.

And how beautifully and looks delicious Christmas goose, surrounded by apples, turnip and plum, with a separately filed with the potatoes.

Feeding babies up to a year of meals from the beans occupy an important place. Its anti-Allergy properties allow mums to prepare pureed vegetable soups, cakes and delicious puddings.

To any vegetable rutabaga creates additional flavor background.

It is therefore very important to have exact recipe or another food from it. Most importantly, do not forget to add pieces to a salad, soup, soup, as a separate side dish to any meat dish.

Recipe with turnips

Lovers of exact figures it is possible to prepare an old Russian dish «Ear». It requires the following ingredients:150 g lamb.10 g of fat.50 g onion.60g carrots.120 g of potatoes.50 g of rutabagas.1 g of flour.3 cloves of garlic.

Small pieces of lamb, sprinkled with salt and pepper, sauté and add to pot. Cover

Recipes from a Swede

vegetables, cover and simmer until tender.

In the end, add the garlic and a sauce made with a small amount of broth with flour.

Decorate the dish with greens. After all, it’s quite simple. It turns out that your imagination can create a real tablecloth-Samobranka of the many simple and delicious Christmas recipes from a Swede.

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