Rebutia — care at home


Rebutia is a genus of stem succulents that belong to the large Cactus family.

According to different sources there are from 4 to 19 species of these plants.

They are all small papillary or spherical ribbed cacti.

Flowers they appear side at the bottom of the stem that is a feature of this kind.

Rebutia is a godsend for novice gardeners. They are easy to maintenance, easy to achieve flowering.

Rebutia — care at home

 Location and lighting

Best Rebutia will grow on a Sunny windowsill, as it is perfectly resistant to sunlight.

Not advisable to keep this cactus from the North side of the house, as due to the lack of sufficient light it will cease to bloom and stretches, losing its decorative appearance.


In summer, cactus in the home can normally transfer any temperature up to 38 degrees in the fresh air.

It can be placed in the open air, that very «delight» of the plant. With the arrival of autumn the temperature is gradually lowered to ensure Rebutia period of rest.

In winter, the cactus needs cool the contents to a temperature of about 5-10 degrees Celsius. If you do not provide a rest period, the plant continuing to grow, lose their appeal and will not bloom.

Watering of Rebutia

Summer Rebutia watered regularly as soon as the soil dries. Water for these purposes it is desirable to acidify with citric acid, which take 1 teaspoon in 14 liters of water.

In mid-September, stop watering entirely and begin again only in the second half of April.

The exceptions are plants, whose diameter is less than 1, see Them from time to time and watered in the winter.


Feeding Rebutia at home is carried out in the period of growth special fertilizer designed for cacti.

Transplantation and propagation

Young cacti should be transplanted each year, adults – every 3-5 years. Before carrying out the transplant, the soil in the pot should be completely dry, and after the transplant, the first watering is carried out in a week.

In addition to the adaptation period after the «resettlement» cactus placed in a shading place.

Rebutia at home can be propagated by seeds and «baby» (side shoots). Propagation by seed is a very troublesome process.

Sowing is carried out in March in sterile soil, and the seeds themselves are disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. The temperature of the content of the seedlings is about 20 degrees.

Requires constant watering and ventilation. When the seedlings grow up, they are seated in a separate container.

Side shoots are separated from the plants in the spring and summer. Them to let them dry 1 day and planted in sterilized wet sand.

Rebutia - care at home

 Pests of Rebutia and fight with them

Perhaps the defeat of Rebutia spider mites, mealybugs and scale insects, to cope with which will help special insecticidal agents.

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