Rapis — care at home


Rapis is a plant that belongs to the Palm family.

This fan bamboo trees, which are native to China and Japan.

The genus comprises about 15 species. In the culture grown only 2 of them – «Rapis high» and «low Rapis«.

This is a palm belongs to the plants which are very easy to grow, so Rapis to get in my house safely even a beginner.

Rapis — care at home

 Location and lighting

Rapes at home well-lit areas, but it is lossless can transfer and partial shade.

Therefore, to place the plant should be near West and East Windows or even the North window.

If Rapis will be standing near the southern window, then, in the daytime heat, it must be protected from direct sunlight, to avoid burns on the leaves.

From time to time the pot with the palm should be rotated to ensure uniform development of the crown.


During spring and summer rapes the desired temperature is about 20-22 degrees, with winter coming it should be lowered to 10-15 degrees.

This palm can survive the winter even when lowering the temperature to 5-8 degrees Celsius.

Watering of repica

Rapis at home in the summer watered abundantly, but pour it at the same time is also impossible. Exercise it about every 3 days.

With the arrival of cold weather, watering is reduced and is carried out approximately every 10 days.

Humidity is very important for this tree. However, for preventing drying of the leaf tips if too dry air is recommended spraying.


To make the dressing start with the arrival of spring and graduate in the fall. Fertilize Rapis during this period every 2-4 weeks special trains for trees or complex mineral.

Transplantation and propagation of repica

To move repici in the home only when necessary, as they do not respond well to this process.

For transplant use a technique of transshipment in a pot of larger diameter at the bottom which provide good drainage.

The substrate for planting may be used to store palms or other, which has a slightly acidic or neutral reaction.

Rapis may multiply with offspring, seeds and division of rhizomes. The easiest way to divide the rhizome

Rapis - care at home

repisa during the transplant.

Seeds palm almost not propagated, as it is a very long process, because one of the seed germination takes longer than 2 months.

Young offshoots are separated from the main Bush and planted in individual pots.

Pests of rpisa and fight with them

Rapis may be affected spider mites and scale insects.

When the content of the plants under normal humidity and cool temperature such lesions is almost impossible.

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