Radermacher — care at home


Radermacher came from China.

An easy to grow tree bears only small difficulties.

Plant is growing pretty fast, refers to perennials. Toxic substances has not.

Large yellow bells rarely appear in indoor conditions, but in radermachera another decorative feature is its rich shiny leaves.

Radermacher in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Radermacher at home will take light shade, but short-lived, the lack of light deprives the leaves. Optimum illumination – bright, a bit absent-minded.

Especially the need for additional illumination occurs in the winter. The low light will give the trees resemblance to the vine – so strongly elongated shoots.

To avoid deformation of the crown, Radermacher to be rotated so that the light fell evenly. Grows well in Northern Windows. In the summer it is advisable to move on the street, you can even transplant into the ground in the country.


Increase in temperature accelerates the growth of Radermacher. Air plants need fresh, moist, but free of draughts.

Watering and humidity

Trees it is desirable to maintain more than 60% humidity, often spray soft filtered warm water. The normal condition of the soil is moderately moist.

It is impossible to prevent drying of the earth. In dry air climates the tips of the leaves of the tree dry.

Fertilizer Radermacher

Mineral fertilizers are necessary to maintain the plant turns organic monthly.

Reproduction and transplantation

Radermacher easily propagated at home by layering, cuttings, seeds. Apical cuttings for propagation cut, when the warm soil of 25°C.

Root them in a peat-sand mixture, removing the lower leaves and covering the film. Systematically sprayed.

Seeds are sown only in warm soil, seedlings contain the light. To obtain cuttings, obliquely incised escape draped with moss and wrapped with film before the advent of roots.

A small amount of roots indicates that the nucleus is not likely to survive.

Transplant Radermacher produce, without affecting the root collar. Overgrown roots are pruned systematically. To create a lush Bush plant requires to pinch and cut.

Radermacher - care at home

Necessary gomesiana the soil, with the elements of sand and peat. Fine coal in small amounts will considerably enrich the soil. Drainage necessary-reinforced – brick, sand.

Radermacher pests and fight with them

Threaten radermachera spider mites, mealybugs, aphids, whiteflies. The leaves are pale, small, shoots elongated.

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