Rabbit manure as fertilizer?

rabbit manure

Experienced gardeners know that manure is an organic fertilizer that is rich in various plant nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, calcium).

Rabbit manure ranks second after bird droppings on the amount of content of useful elements.

They can be used to fertilize any crops in the home garden. It is well known by those gardeners who breed rabbits.

Fresh rabbit manure can not be used, all planting «burn» from the high content of acids and urea. It is better to make compost and then applied as a fertiliser.

To lay better a few compost heaps, and after a certain period of time, then during the entire summer season you will be ready fertilizer.

Its quality will improve greatly if you add wood ash. The compost is laid in layers, alternating with the ground.

For the process of decomposition of a pile it is necessary to maintain in a wet condition, and from time to time to turn with a shovel. Sometimes you can pour liquid mullein.

The willingness of the fertilizer is determined by the homogeneity of a well-groomed appearance of the resulting mass.


In the fall after harvest, it is very good to scatter across the garden left rabbit manure. In the spring after the snow melts, the soil is saturated with nutrients and is ready for growing vegetables.

For spring feeding of trees and shrubs, a solution (1.5 kg. dung 12L. water), which fill the grooves around the trees. This treatment protects fruit trees against many types of fungal diseases.

It is also very good rabbit manure to insist. Fits almost any large capacity, you can use 200L metal. barrel. Tara on the floor of the volume is filled with droppings.

There is added floor of a bucket of wood ash and weeds that grow in our area (dandelion, nettle, Wheatgrass, etc.).

The fermented solution

Rabbit manure

(about three weeks) is perfect for fertilizing plants.

Before use diluted with water 1:10. This composition can be used for top dressing indoor plants, only without the addition of herbs.

In addition, for this purpose you can use rabbit manure decorative rocks. Infuse you home in a quart jar.

Another application of this material to heat the cucumber patch. In the middle of the garden is the groove depth of 5-7cm. and is filled with rabbit manure.

Prisypaya on top of some soil, watered with warm water and serves to preheat the film. In a week you can install arc and sow cucumbers, or to plant seedlings.

Video — How to alter rabbit manure Californian worms

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