Quince useful properties

useful properties of quince

All given to us by nature, has its value.

What we eat (fruits, berries, vegetables), provides our body with sufficient quantity of minerals, vitamins and other components.

Japonica is no exception. About its beneficial properties were known by the ancient doctors.

Despite the fact that in taste, this fruit is valued not by all, to include quince in the diet is necessary.


The types of Japanese quince

In our latitudes, the well-known quince Oblong (common). Its Latin name «Cassandra» of the plant received from the ancient Cretans, where he enjoyed great popularity. You can meet a decorative variant of culture, came to us from the Eastern countries.

This kind of fruit tree is called «Japan quince». East quince has 2 subspecies: Utility (or Japanese and Chinese.

Useful properties of quince


In addition, the common Quince is used in industrial cooking, for the manufacture of jams and marmalade, spice and traditional healers.

Those who have tried this fruit, aware of its astringency and viscosity. This is due to the presence of fruit tannins.

And composed protopectin, sugar, mineral salts, organic acids (citric, tartaric, malic), as well as essential oil.

Japanese quince is rich in vitamin C – it in the fruit contains up to 20% of the total composition. The variety of quince «Japan quince» and also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and anthocyanins.

Useful and seeds of culture. They contain starch, fatty oils and gums. Even in the rind of the fruit contains a large percentage of esters give pleasant aroma.

Therapeutic indications quince

The scope of therapeutic indications for the use of the quince wide. «Cassandra» – an excellent diuretic and astringent.

It can stop bleeding and is able to get rid of nausea (and even vomiting). Quince is useful for inflammation, as an antiseptic.

Eating Japanese quince, you can fight with multiple sclerosis. And yet it is useful to those who work on contaminated plants or live in the area with high content of radionuclides.

Flowers «Japan quince» is shown in diseases of the respiratory organs, and seeds for healing wounds and burns.

Traditional medicine

Most affordable useful tool can be called a decoction of the quince fruit. Cook it like normal juice, adding sugar to taste.

To drink broth it is recommended for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. It improves the digestive system.

The fruits extracted from the broth, mash into a puree and eaten with the disease

Japanese quince useful properties

liver. Useful this dish with expectoration of blood and how antivote tool.

A decoction of the seeds of the Japanese quince has a mucous consistency than is good for diarrhea and uterine bleeding.

Washed their eyes and at various inflammations, and also rinse the throat. Good the broth and as an emollient in skin care.

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