Quince — planting and care

Quince - planting and care

If you live in the southern regions and is the owner of the land, he should plant there quince.

This is a small tree, more resemble a shrub, but can become a good decoration of the garden.

Quince belongs to the category of centenarians, and will delight you with aromatic «Golden apples» for decades.

Moreover, the fruits of her very useful in many diseases.

Japonica — landing

But the tree gave a good yield, it is necessary to choose the right place for its landing.

And though ive not really picky about soil, but better if it will be loam. On the «easy» land, the harvest will be plentiful.

Quince «prefers» near bodies of water. So she put in places where the groundwater is not deep. And there should be plenty of light.

Most gardeners culture propagated by seeds, vaccines to other fruit trees and cuttings.

You can use root suckers. But in any case, all planting works are carried out only in the spring.

Cuttings harvested in the fall, should ripen in a dark cellar. Spring for rooting sent in a greenhouse without heating.

When planting seedlings, consider the features of the root system – the quince has vertical and horizontal roots.

It is the length of the latter is several times the scale of the crown. Therefore, important dimensions of the pit, which will put the tree.

Vertical roots enough depth of 60-70 cm. But the diameter of the hole should be about a meter.

If you have planted a few individuals, but the distance between them should be kept at least 5 m.

Japonica care

Constant care for the japonica will ensure a good growing season and increase yields.

The roots of the tree feels more comfortable in loose soil. Therefore, processing must also fall, and spring.

Before the cold treatment is carried out to a depth of 12 cm, not only around the trunk and down to the aisle.

During the growing season the cultivation depth must not exceed 8 cm For spring tillage is carried out about 5 times.

From abundant watering (especially in vegetation) depends on the growth and fruiting quince.

For the entire active period to moisten the earth have a few times: the first watering — in

japonica -planting and care

the time of flowering, the other 3-4 – from mid-June until September.

Useful Japanese quince and cropping – it allows you to improve vegetative growth of plants.

To form a crown begin in the «first year», when the seedlings will be raised in height up to 80 cm.

But to shorten the stem branches it is necessary not more than a quarter lengths. But dry and damaged it is better to cut completely.

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