Pumps for summer – types, description, how to choose

pumps for the garden - submersible

If your country site is not possible to connect to the Central water supply to ensure water used pumps for summer.

They come in various types: for watering the garden, circulation in fountains, water supply from well or well house, pumping sewage, and so on.

For water used submerged (downhole) pumps.

As a rule, they are used in the water mirror deeper than 10 meters, depending on the model, is able to lift water from different depths, have different performance and cost.

Installation and operation, does not pose any difficulty and are available to almost every gardener. Enough to attach to the device a durable rope and lowered into the well.

Distance from the intake holes to the bottom should not be less than 50 cm, otherwise the water will be pumped with mud and other impurities. With these pumps you can make a standalone water system.

There are two varieties of deep-well pumps for cottages: svazhennye and well, which, depending on the working principle are divided into centrifugal and vibration.

These pumps are designed to work only in the water, on the air operation is prohibited. If more expensive models have auto-protect refuses to work in an inappropriate environment, cheap all can fail.

Vibration pumps are of the type and are recommended for sandy wells up to 50 meters. During operation, vibration can crumble walls, leading to water turbidity.

Centrifugal pumps to give a more modern type which can operate at great depths, the artesian wells with any soil. And vibratory and centrifugal have the intake hole, which depending on model is either from the top or from the bottom.

The main difference between the sump pump from the borehole that they used to shallow waters, and can pump water containing more than large size particles. Such pumps usually have a larger diameter, so they cannot be used in narrow wells.

For pumping sewage, dirty water out of basements and pits, designed pumps and drainage type. They can also accommodate for watering the garden, flower beds and garden shrubs.

Some models are even ideal for creating artificial waterfalls, streams and ponds.

Drainage pump for garden equipped with an automatic float switch that is triggered depending on the water level. To install and operation is quite simple.

If the piece of land there is a lake or river, it makes sense to get a surface

pumps for the garden - surface

the pump that holds the fence with a hose, the unit itself is on the surface. The special care they required. Widely used for watering plants.

For integrated water villas, an excellent solution is a pumping station. It consists of a pump, pressure switch, accumulator tank and pressure gauge.

Water is supplied to the storage tank, and when filling the pump automatically shuts off. Using pumping stations allows you to save electricity and hydroaccumulator increases the lifetime of the device.

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